Saturday, 24 November 2012


The boys on the pub crawl through town!!
Some great live music and a delicious drink at the Treasury Casino
Having survived the work Christmas party without doing anything awful, I have spent a contemplative Saturday, ending up on the back verandah with my sketchbook, laptop, novel, a cat, and some bubbles.
Tui. The slightly disturbed but pretty cat that growls when you pet her and pisses on everything. Particularly plastic bags.
Mishka, the more mentally, but less physically stable cat. A lovely woman walking past this week asked, 'Is your cat alright - he seems to be limping?' That would be the 3 legs. Does it every time. Also likes to pack himself in boxes.
A satisfying yet slightly odd day. These quieter days, not madly spent ‘doing’ are rare and valuable times. I have to work hard to tell myself that just being, dreaming, and imagining IS a productive way to spend a day, and the older I get the better I get at doing that, as I know these times produce good work many months down the track. So I have let my brain off the leash for a little wander around my imagination, that place where I travel at night in my dreams to see and do the most amazing things. It’s so real I sometimes don’t know what is true. It’s a world I feel privileged to visit.
People often ask me why I make the things I do. I really don’t know. I try not to think about it too much, or I might go crazy. In a small, closed, but not locked box in my head, is the knowledge that life is very short, and reasonably meaningless, so it’s hard to take anything too seriously. Hence I don’t have the drive to be a ‘success’ in a chosen field. It just really doesn’t matter that much. What does seem to matter to me is beauty.  What is taking me to another level is not just designing a piece, but being part of designing an image, a scene, an emotion. Whilst I enjoy making dramatic and expressive works, I never realised how much an image of them can enhance them, and this knowledge is changing my design process. And I’m enjoying that.

Enough with the navel gazing – a summary of this week for your enjoyment:
We’ll discount the first few days of the working week as they were filled with the drudgery of administrative tasks. But before this, suddenly on Thursday, word on the grapevine came that someone was selling some industrial sewing machines at an excellent price, and by Friday morning I was the proud new owner of said machines. Yes, they need a little TLC, but I know they are going to be a great addition to my armory!
Straight sewer and overlocker - I'll be needing professional help to thread that one!!
Tools of the trade.
With a new studio being built and finished by early next year, the StudioSvenja set-up is looking pretty good! Not only will I be in a purpose designed space (walls – lots of walls for drawing on!!) but wet and dry studios will be on one level! No-more running up and down stairs for bits and pieces! (Hmmm, perhaps eat less now?!)

Today was back to fibreglass work, as I extracted my fibreglass mould from its’ cast – a process which took almost an hour, lots of fingerstabbing, and totally fibreglass scratched legs because no, I couldn’t be bothered putting protective gear on and yes, holding the piece with my legs seemed like the only viable option as I weasled my way around it with a screwdriver and hammer. It was an ambitious undertaking which has been a success, much to my surprise. Sadly I can’t show too much of work in progress, as once again it may end up in the World of WearableArt.
The fabric and fibreglass mould. Is there nothing you can't make with this stuff?!!
I also played with dyeing and painting my leather work, and on the basis of that success have ordered more leather and designed more pieces!
Sadly tomorrow is a non-studio day, as I participate in a convoy of Studebakers to the All-American Car Show at Lakeside, which I am promised is sure to be a great day. Really, when I’m driving Fred the M5 – how can it be bad?! Watch out, Brisbane – crazy cat-lady is out of the kombi and into a truck tomorrow!!

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