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SvenjaCouture Bridal Collection

SvenjaCouture Collection
The month of July has passed in a blur of feltmaking and stitching. After successfully sending off Euphony Iridaceae to NZ in April, then Mirror Mirror to Sydney in June, and being totally re-inspired with feltmaking by the workshop with Vilte, I decided that I could manage an entry in Fashion Flair for the end of July. Which turns into mid July when you accommodate a photo shoot. A five piece bridal collection. With cobweb felted bride’s skirt. With textured felt and flower headpieces. With a felted flower bouquet. Yeh.

As per my previous post, originally the plan was to do felted dresses with the new Vilte technique, but I was unhappy with the limitations regarding fit. When I saw Yiqing Yins' draped work, I was inspired to use draping, which is when the project turned into one requiring boned, lined, proper under-dresses, and became a much bigger project than anticipated.
Yiqing Yin's work - awesome photo shoot, too!
Each dress was made of two triangular pieces of felt, which were almost as big as my table to start with. After dyeing the fibres and fabric, they took about 3-4 hours to lay out, 3-4 hours to felt, 2-3 hours to drape, and almost a day to stitch the draping in. Then each one had a fully lined and boned dress to sit over and get stitched too. Plus some beading......... for which I needed a good light so I could stitch at night - thanks Matt for the lead light taped to the broom handle - perfect!

So, after pretty much taking the last few weeks off work (after organising all the end of financial year guff at work!) I was still sewing on Saturday morning as the models arrived at home.  I’d even roped in Miss Jenelle to help finish stitching skirts on! We had planned to shoot at the Kangaroo Point Cliffs, but Mother Nature was being a little moody, so we decided that our dining room sans table was big enough. So, as I sewed, let down hems, and applied makeup, the set was assembled and Matt & Miss Jenelle organised the food, and kept the drinks coming! I think we were all glad in the end that for our first large shoot we were in a safe zone! Having five models is a totally different experience to just one!

The beautiful bride, Miss Melina

Like beautiful flowers!

Misses Genna, Katjia, Emily, Melina and Elle looked absolutely fantastic and did a great job! I was extremely grateful that Miss Genna was a makeup artist, and was able to apply the false eyelashes onto everyone – they looked awesome! It was amazing to see my dresses on real live girls – it’s really quite different to mannequins, where you only have the torso to consider! I noticed that a lot in the dress length – what seemed alright on the mannequin was very short on a real girl!! Well, it makes for a very different bridal collection! The girls thought there was a definite Midsummer Night’s Dream feeling to them, which I would have to agree with.

Miss Genna

Miss Emily
Miss Katjia
Miss Ellie

Big thank yous to all the beautiful girls, Mr Matt , Miss Jenelle for dropping everything to come and help me and pat my head (although I was for once reasonably calm!). And a big congratulations to you, and to us for receiving word yesterday that I finalists in the Brancott Estate World of WearableArt 2012!! Roll on September!!
Jenelle and I taking the obligatory commemmorative 'selfie', result below!

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