Sunday, 1 July 2012

Imagining Shoes, & a Bridal Collection

Two weeks ago I had the great honour of opening “Imagining Shoes” at Gallery 159. This was an exhibition that was conceived at a TAFTA board meeting at my house, when the board members got to see my collection of shoes, and there was a space in the exhibition calendar…….
Beautiful shoes by Jenny of Hobart
My shoes! Missing In Action.
Admiring shoes
Myself, Janet de Boer, and Luna Newby
Combined with the innovative creations of Luna Newby and her students, my collection amazed and confused many. It was a great thrill to open an exhibition with a subject I am so passionate about, and I enjoyed being able to share the fabulous words of Edward Monkton:

 Shoe: Look at me. Am I not wonderful?
Lady: You are the most wonderful shoe in the world. I fall to my knees and weep with pleasure when I am with you.
Lady: You are beauty. You are truth. In you I find my salvation.
Shoe: Thank you. You are a nice lady.

Many thanks to my two fabulous handbag, Matt for supporting, and transporting me, and recording the event! The afternoon was pleasantly rounded off with drinks around the fire pit with our new neighbours from Kansas City! 

Last weekend saw the soiree at Club Lush to farewell our beautiful model Jess, as she leaves the fair land of Oz to venture forth with her new husband to her native home of Canoodia. A great night full of new friends, interesting cocktails as we emptied their liquor cabinet, and much excellent hat wearing!
Grant and Jess
Along with end of financial year stuff at work (aaaaghhhhh!!!) I have been finalising my nuno felted bridal collection, so it’s been a busy time. It’s a bit scary that the photo shoot is two weeks away, but it is so exciting that I don’t mind working this hard! I am so tired, and am really looking forward to a break after this is finished. Most of the felted material is made, which is a good place to be, and this weekend I designed and dyed the organza overskirts with good results. During the week I took some time off to stay home and stitch the first felted bodice together – 4 hours later…..

3 hours of felt layout, 3 hours felting, 2 hours draping, 4 hours sewing….. and this is before I have even made the 3 layered, boned underdress, attached the felt, beaded it, attached the bustle skirts, and made the headpieces! Truly a labour of love.
Dear Miss Jenelle dropped by today to help me work on the flowers for the bouquet – we had a lovely time laying out our pure white ‘warm fuzzies’ and gossiping! 
Miss Jenelle, Warm Fuzzies, and Golden Girls!
Jenelle exploring/being consumed by the cobweb felt veil material!
She also assisted yesterday by answering my phone call to consult with my favourite Design Bunneh on skirt lengths – AND gave the right answer!!
Thanks to the team around me who encourage me, support me, and play with me – my life would be poorer without you.

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