Thursday, 26 July 2012

MSIT Fashion Graduation Parade

Another busy week - garments have been posted to WA, WoW bookings have been confirmed (Squeee – 8 1/2 weeks to go!!!) and StudioSvenja and SvenjaCouture labels have been received! Slight error in one of them, but the lovely Fantasy Labels has no problem with getting them redone, and apologises for the error, and hopes it does not inconvenience me too much! Good grief – is this…… I can’t believe it….. good customer service?!! Nay, excellent customer service, as they notified me when they were initially shipped and apologised for the slight delay!

Last night I was a guest at the MSIT graduating fashion student parade, and had a wonderful time! I wore my shibori corset from WoW last year, and my fab Zu boots. Held at the Victoria Park Marquee, it was a vast improvement on previous parades held at TAFE. Loved the chandeliers!!

Congratulations Robyn and Helen on organising a very successful & glamorous evening! Unsure of where I was going, I simply followed those wearing awesome shoes until I found the entry!

The show began with a 3 piece collection of Dr Chin Wei Lin, inspired by Chinese paper cuts , apparently made with commercial red felt. Stunning.
I was in the perfect position, front and centre at the end of the catwalk, and was very impressed with many of the works. I was also very happy to be seated next to my Millinery teacher, Robyn Smallhorn – it’s so nice to have someone to comment to! It was also pleasing to hear the two student representatives acknowledge the dedication of the amazing TAFE teachers, who do so much more than their job – I think these ladies have a vocation, not just a job!
The Avant Garde section was wonderful - many would have been at home on the stage at the World of WearableArt!
It was a treat to see garments on the catwalk that I had seen in the construction process at TAFE.

I was pleased to for once concur with the judges on the major prize winner, Mitchell Hayes, who received a $16,000 scholarship towards further studies. The stunning headpieces in his collection really gave him the edge. 

Congratulations to you all, I hope you were thrilled to see your creations alive on stage – I know I was! It made me wish I was going to see my garments on the catwalk at the Flair Awards! But, you can’t haz it all!


  1. Hi Svenja, I love these photos!!

    Do you mind if I post a couple of photos on my blog? Of course I'll link them to your blog if you'd like me to. I was actually helping backstage as a dresser at the parade and couldn't get any pictures of the runway :(

  2. no probs! Bet you were busy back there!!