Monday, 23 July 2012

A new chapter begins....

Just when I thought it was over – most of the week was spent finishing off the bridal collection – sewing in identification labels and hanging tapes, putting each one into its own garment bag with a separate bag for accessories, and of course, extra beading. 
Handwritten labels!
Dresses grouped with accessories and garment bags
It doesn’t sound like much, but it sure took a long time! For those who have requested detail shots – I had every intention of taking some, but……  
After stuffing them into 3 satchels and delivering them to Australia Post at approximately 4:50pm, I came home, sobbed a bit, said ‘never again’, downed four Japanese Slippers, went to bed, and slept until 9:30 Saturday morning! I’m happy with the result, but I’m unhappy that some aspects were rushed and therefore not as good as they could be. A great new direction found, though!
Saturday was spent catching up on several weeks worth of cleaning, including 2 post-explosion looking studios! Sunday started with a long overdue visit to the markets to stock up on citrus for cocktails, followed by a delicious brunch at Merthyr Road Café. This was my view of the journey in Bruce the Studebaker.
Matt then went to Studio 5A to work on the Daytona, whilst I went shopping. We found this chilli wreath as a table decoration at a furniture shop. At my favourite fabric shop Trad’s I found this glorious fabric, I bought only 5 metres!  The question kept being asked - 'what are you going to make with it?' Answer - 'No idea. But at least I have it'.
Mermaid dress, anyone?!
The weekend ended with drinks on the lovely deck of our new neighbours from Kansas City.
Although we behaved, Monday morning arrived to a very unenthusiastic audience. I slept in until 8am!! Maybe I am learning how to relax?! We broke up the day with a pub lunch at the local, and a nice email arrived inviting me as a VIP to the TAFE Fashion Graduate Parade on Wednesday night! The afternoon ended with some happy mail – our information packs from WoW!!
Wow info pack including designer name tag and commemorative brooch!
Love the classy silver name tag, and the funky rocket badge – great for the boys to wear too! We’ll be signing up for all the designer activities – we’re starting to get excited! We’re also starting to toy with ideas for next year…. I can’t believe it!!
I also received notification that my ‘SvenjaCouture’ and ‘StudioSvenja’ labels have arrived!! When I pick them up tomorrow, I'll send the nuno felted garments that went to Tasmania over to the WA Craft Quilt & Stitch Show August 3-5, 2012.
I received this lovely email from Jennie Abbott who organises this display:
This exhibition of Art 2 Wear, showcasing garments created by exceptionally talented artists from across Australia must be the most prestigious showing in Australia today.
I am delighted to extend to you an invitation to participate in this exciting event once again.
The garment you choose can have been exhibited previously, even here, as your work is a much loved favourite and should be selected as a prime example of your own individual style.
All in all, not a bad Monday on the planet!
Rock on, July!!
Ciao dahlinks!

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