Sunday, 19 February 2017

WAM shoot

Pixie Tenielle!

This Saturday I experienced the most relaxed photo shoot ever! Finding myself sans model mid week, I put a call out on Facebook, and ended up with this delightful pixie - a complete stranger to me, but obviously intended by fate, as she does the kind of groovy makeup I wanted, and lived right near the location! So young and new to modelling, she did a superb job! There was a strong breeze at times, nearly blowing the poor waif over, so I had to hold onto her! Chantal and I traded insults as usual, and generally messed with each others heads - much laughter and shenannigans! We had chosen a graffiti wall as a background, but when we arrived, found that it was in the process of being transformed. We shot with some other walls, but they were just too much with the outfit, so we ended up using the creek greenery instead, which really made the colours pop. Looking at it now, I am astounded at how colourful it is, even though I have been living with it for months!
Yummy lycra!
Although I don't have to keep the photos secret, I will just show some hints in order to keep a bit of mystery to the Wearable Arts Mandurah competition and showcase. Oh, I'm so well behaved!!!
On the way to the shoot we stopped at Reverse Garbage, where I found these beautiful glitzy lycra fabric bargains - and guess who's making leggings in class this week?!! 
Goodlife Morningside cycle room - a place I would not usually
venture into!

With this one out of the way, I have two left to focus on for WOW. One of them is for the UV section, and I had a brainwave this weekend about shooting it in UV light, and checking it along the way. My gym has a blacklight cycle room!!! YAH!!!

The other piece has had me sewing my own feather trim this week, and trying out some painting on them. I've never done it before, but with some bias strips, and some hemming tape, then a few runs under the machine, I have myself some nice-looking trim!

Wearable Expressions opened in Palos Verde, California last week, and I found this comprehensive photo album on Facebook. There are some amazing pieces on display, but I was slightly crushed, but not altogether surprised,  to see mine sideways on the mannequin, on top of some-one else's work. I'm sure they're as thrilled as I am about that. Whilst I understand space and display restrictions, you can't just go jamming two disparate pieces together! 
As it should be....
This knitted? metallic piece won my heart with its fluid and organic movement.

Doing Digital Textiles at TAFE has meant spending time with Photoshop again, which is fine, as we have kept up a reasonable relationship with each other, re-acquainting myself with Illustrator, a less harmonious relationship, and being introduced to In-Design, a new foe. We never really finished our introductory conversation, as my brain starting overloading during our first meeting....
I'm hoping to successfully manipulate and transform my watercolour of a fighting fish into a digital print for my swimwear design.

Here's the results from my first playing around this weekend...

Massive luvz to the talented Chantal once more, and thanks to Tenielle for taking a chance with us!

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