Sunday, 12 February 2017

February Fun

At the enlistment ceremony
The boys' room aka studio storage!
I can hardly believe it's only been a week since my last blog! So much has happened. Liam is now training at Kapooka, and sounds happy and well. I took the opportunity today after a very brief call from him to move my clothing racks out of my studio and into his room! The amount of space reclaimed is absolutely amazing, and I can now have my ironing board up in there. But Matt, even though I have all this space, you understand that the wearable pieces will still need to be made upstairs as they can't fit in the studio because of the low ceiling. Also, so I can hang out with you whilst I make them.....

More space in the studio! I can see the floor!
During the school week at TAFE I saw these inspiring pieces in paper hanging around in the hallway - aren't they great?!

This is one of the many reasons I just loving being on campus. One of my teachers asked me last week whether I had some wearable art works available for the display window, and after a bit of thinking, I realised that yes, I did have quite a few! Fimbria Figura (2012) and Siren of the Sea (2011) are now happily hanging out there, and Isolda hopes to join them this week!
Siren and Fimbria
 Two out of four of the current wearable art works are just stitches away from completion, and with several  more months to go, I've got to say that this feels pretty good! I'm looking forward to getting into the next one - the one with 1600 feathers.....

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