Tuesday, 10 November 2015

The last of Adelaide

From here on it is all kind of blurred into one, apart from the hilarity of the Christmas party on Saturday night. None of the days were as busy as the first, but I continued to get many admirers, with my work even moving some to tears! That's pretty special. I also sold some of my recently made wraps, and was very pleased to hear that they would be being worn at special occasions. I also recommended that when they weren't, they be draped over furniture to just be enjoyed!
Gurney's display now facing the wall
Saturday we finished at the usual 4:30, and I toddled home to do some washing, shower, and relax before heading back for the Christmas party, much to Miss Chrissy's disgust! I headed down in my boots, as I just couldn't handle wearing sneakers with my outfit, and was counting on getting changed into my heels at the venue. Imagine my distress when I found it locked! However, Expertise Events informed security that a vital shoe change was required, and they came to open up! Miss Chrissy took the opportunity to duck in with me for some makeup, and no sooner were we in there than she had the devilish idea of messing with Gurney's stand - bahahahaaaa!! We turned everything upside down - the chairs, her craft supplies - we even turned her displays to the wall!
Back in the atrium, Gary hosted a
wonderful evening including trivia questions, and the donning of the Santa suit for the Kris Kringle section (most sarcastic Santa ever!) Even better than that was his helper, Cracker!! I was one of the last to leave, and walked home, snapping this shot of the lovely Capri Cinema close to 'home'.
Capri Cinema, Goodwood
Sunday morning, and poor Gurney was in a spin when she saw her stand, thinking that it was the cleaners that had  messed with it as retribution for asking for it to be cleaned!!
Sunday was a loooong day, as it was super quiet, and the pack up loomed. Chrissie, Kerry and myself were very sad that our tour was finally over - we've had lots of fun together.
 It was a different kind of packup, as I had to remove all the stock and bits and pieces I wanted to take with me for the Etsy Made Local market and ATASDA's Merry Threads market. I didn't quite think this through all too well, and had to leave a trolley full of items to pick up in the morning. I returned with the house trolley in the morning, and was disturbed to find just how much there was! When I got it home, I was faced with the reality that all this was never going to fit in my suitcase, and that I was going to be hard pressed to find something large enough to hold my clothes racks. So off in the other direction to the local Salvo store it was, where I found a brilliantly large suitcase for $15 - Salvation from the Salvation Army! Now possessing three large cases, I accepted that the only way to the airport was via taxi. I was very fortunate to be able to stay in the apartment until 4pm, passing the time with the lovely wine my hosts had left for me!

I ran into Gurney at the airport bar, and ended up having to run to the gate sans shooz, as they were calling my name! And that was after arriving three hours early at the airport! I was pleased to arrive home to my boy, who had chilled champagne waiting. He da man!!

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