Friday, 6 November 2015

The Adelaide Craft & Quilt Fair

Before I continue, I have a photo from my trip into town the other day that I forgot to include - how's this for everything Svenja loves?!! A kombi selling toasted cheese sandwiches?!!! Hello?!!!
Tuesday - a glorious sleep in, followed by a stroll into the Adelaide Pavilion Gardens, then home via the Showground, where I popped in to say hello to Gary and find out when I could set up! I also visited Boulangerie 113 for a coffee and a croissant - the real deal! I spent the day doing some preliminary planning for 2016 and watching the Melbourne Cup  before rolling my suitcase of goodies down to the showground to get a head start on setup. When I caught up with the Craft Spot cats, I received a wonderful gift from Erica of these fabulous, quality sequins, with dentillated edges, and already threaded ready for tambour beading! Wow! We did have a bit of a giggle about them looking like a packet of maggots....
Having entirely emptied my case and the cage, got my lights up, and just about passed out manually blowing up my inflatable mannequins, I called it a day.
Wednesday - It was nice to feel I didn't have to rush down to the fair, so I treated myself to a lovely breakfast at local café Gingers before heading off to work. For some reason I just couldn't focus, flitting around, picking one thing up, putting another down. I think it was because I didn't yet have my bench, which, when it finally arrived, had quite an impact! Eventually it was done to my satisfaction.
Thursday - with rain threatening, I still enjoyed a walk around the area. I'm calling Adelaide the City of Roses - they are just everywhere! Suburbia here is really quite beautiful. So, day one of the final fair - and I just couldn't work out what to wear! I'm really missing a full length mirror here! I
almost got convinced to join in the morning dance, but just couldn't quite do it......
Jesus? That you?!!
I had an enjoyable day (of course, the second question I had was do I do work for film..... I
should, I know...) and my ice dyed garments were very popular.  I even sold my lovely silk wrap which I made last week. I spent the day sewing silk rosebuds, unfortunately twice stitching them to my fingers without even noticing, and having to cut some skin away to get to the thread - well, I wasn't going to cut the thread, I hadn't finished!

We had some fun when one customer noticed this face in one of the botanical print tops - is that Jesus?!! He didn't take long to sell, and went to a very happy home! At the end of the day, the Craft Family took a bus into town to dine at Jamie Oliver's restaurant, and we all enjoyed a great night together.

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