Thursday, 24 September 2015

WOW 2015

Tuesday: Well, the big day is finally here, and we have successfully got ourselves to the airport, albeit waaaay earlier than necessary, to ensure we made it through Customs before they went on strike!! None of us cope with stress that well, and after not much sleep, 4 shots of coffee, and an early cab, my body was already trembling!! Much better now - plugged in an connected in the departure lounge!
It has been a busy week, as I finalised outfits, made fascinators for family, and even whipped up a cravat for Matt last night! My hands are sore from stitching and folding, cutting and holding, and are looking forward to a rest. Yesterday I had one more fascinator to make, having found out that my bestest Bunneh is arriving in Wellington on Friday to see the show and be there for the wedding! Best surprise EVER!!
We arrived, a little later than planned, and were picked up and driven to our hotel - thank you Wellington City Council - you made my sister's day! I was due for a photoshoot at the Foxglove at 4, so sidled up to our driver José and asked if he could drop me off there after leaving the others at the hotel. The dear man agreed, and I quickly delved into my suitcase for my make-up bag and bouquet, and made it just in time. I was pretty stressed by then, but the lovely photographer Moniqué said not to stress, fix my face, and of course I had time for a drink! Which I attempted to pay for with Australian money. Shoot done, it was time to meet the staff of the Foxglove in preparation for Saturday, and all looks to be under control. Next stop - noms! And wine. Then back to our lovely abode. Here's the article.
Pettigrew. Callum Pettigrew.
Wednesday: After the usual holiday 'gumboot water' we set off into town, ending up at The Lido for brekky and some rather good coffee, served by a lovely man. There's a certain breed of menfolk in New Zealand - they're kind of old-school, well mannered but good fun, and snappy dressers. Such as our next encounter at the suit hire shop, where our very helpful man ended up doing Yoda
impersonations! I just love it when people 'play' with us - it just makes it fun for everyone! So many people seem to be so miserable in their jobs and their interactions within them - yet it's so easy to make it fun!
From here we walked up Cuba Street, where Liam arrived in Paradise, aka Comrades Army Disposals, whose sign reads "Everything you want but don't need". Nailed it. Further wandering took us down near Coles, so we decided to get our shop done. Good Lord, the price of asparagus and tomatoes!!! But ahhh, the joy of buying the beer and wine at the supermarket.  Next it was back to the Foxglove to sort out the final details, then a little shopping. I exhausted myself running all over town looking for a protective iron cover as I have a lot of special silk garments to iron, and forgot to pack mine. I also needed a new sleeper as Liam noticed  my nose-ring had disappeared - whaaat?! I've had that in for so many years, and that has never happened before! Success with the sleeper, none with the iron cover....Then it was time to meet with our celebrant, where more detai
Matt at the Foxglove
ls were sorted, and it all started to feel very real! I must have been a bit tired and emotional, as I looked down at the paperwork and saw my father's name, and instantly teared up as it would have been so lovely if he could have been here.  He should have been here.
Acrylic chain mail goodness
Beloved Boi then went down to pick up the tickets for the show, leaving Callum and I to start getting ready for Preview. By now, I started to realise what a ridiculously busy week this was! Before we knew it, there we were, reuniting with designers and getting excited!  As usual, we pored over the catalogue afterwards, and I stayed up too late doing so with some vodka....

Thursday: .....leaving me slightly dusty for Designer Day! More reunions at Rydges before boarding the bus to the Roxy, where we enjoyed Sir Richard Taylor's introduction, and a presentation by WETA technician Gino. The next few hours were quite relaxed, as we enjoyed demonstrations of the application of body paint and prosthetics, as well as a display of WETA armour and chainmail made by Eve Gilliland. There was also a display of amazing
ly realistic body parts, which felt absolutely ooky!! After lunch, it was off to the latest WETA attraction, a bit of a behind the scenes look at the makings of the prosthetics and the armour. No photos, no touching - we exercised an incredible amount of restraint!! Back to the Roxy for a Creative Industries Panel, which was very enjoyable, although many of us had drooping eyes by now! And so ends this post, as I relax in the warm burrow with some bubbles and a pile of ironing....

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