Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Three weeks until New Zealand!

The time since we came home from Canberra has flown! For me, in the preparation of the Wearable Art presentation I gave this past Sunday on behalf of Common Threads, for Matt, in the design and further construction of Hubert, the Humber Snipe he is rebuilding from scratch - a project he gets me in for consultation on as far as design lines and placements. From now, though, only three weeks until we go to New Zealand, my focus is on all things WOW and Wedding! My fellow 'Circus Family Members' (Craft Show folk) are currently in NZ, touring from Hamilton to Christchurch. I would love to have been there with them, but I had a lot of gear to freight, which was cost prohibitive, and some other rather important plans! I can't wait to catch up with them in Adelaide, or even beforehand at the Brisbane Show, where I will be unofficially present most days, helping out with Miss Chrissy's demonstrations.
Watching the dvd at tables covered in samples
I hope the participants of the 'Afternoon with Svenja' enjoyed the session, where I gave an overview of my past experience and development, my WOW pieces, before going  through the many stages from conception, development, design and construction in several of them, before discussing the
methods and points of inspiration for other WOW designers. I also took along many sample pieces from my collection to be examined and photographed. We finished off with a viewing of the Common Threads dvd, which served to both inspire,  and demonstrate the high quality of this event.  
The unwrapping
You saw the many leaves I brought home from Canberra - I did manage to do a dye-pot with these within the week of our return, and these were the results. The biggest difference is the length of those magnificent gum leaves!! These make an interesting 'necklace' effect on one of them. I now have the leaves hanging up under the house, ready for the next session.
Sneaky peek at my bouquet of silk flowers!
I've finished blinging my shooz, and my bridal bodice, and am loving my bouquet! Many of you have seen all of these in progress at the recent Craft & Quilt Fairs. I hope this week to complete Matt's waistcoat, and then get to work on the rest of my outfit. I am still yet to find a photographer for the event - any Wellington photo folk who can be there, please get in touch!

Flutterby, 2007
This weekend we are off to Boonah, where I am to judge the Calico on the Catwalk wearable art competition - where I had my very first success in 2007! What a wonderful journey it has been since then!

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  1. Thank you for an inspiring and insightful talk, just what I needed to get back into wearable art.