Sunday, 4 October 2015

WoW Awards Night and A WoW Wedding!

Friday Morning and it was off to Rydges to meet the other Australian Designers for our trip to the Australian Embassy for Brunch with hosts Lynda and Michael Potts. This was, as always, extremely enjoyable, with absolutely delightful noms and company. (See right - serious colour competition from Sarah Seahorse and Luna Aquatica! Better step it up!) I was seated next to our celebrant Kerry Prendergast, so it was a good chance for us to get to know each other better before the following day! On our return to Rydges, we left mum to hobble home in her beautiful new shooz (but SO worth it, Mum!) and went for a walk along the dock before returning to base for a nap. The next thing I knew, it was time for my hairdressing appointment, which took quite a few hours, so Cathy from Tory St VIVO dropped me off on her way home! It was then time to dress for the show, and we walked next door to collect the Bunnehs before heading down directly to the TSB Arena, as it was now too late to join the pre-show drinks at The FoxgloveUnfortunately, after only a few sections, my body just seemed to shut down, and when I woozily got up to go
outside for some air, got my shooz tangled in the coat at my feet and I fell onto the first row (sorry, folks!) As Matt got up to help me, I got entangled in my cape and managed to pull him down as well! Spectacular. From here I went straight to First Aid, where I crawled onto the stretcher with great delight and cried and chanted "I'm so tired, I'm so tired" for the next half an hour, until Matt took me home - exiting the venue in a wheelchair! I'm sure many people think that I had just had too much to drink, and I dare say the 2 glasses of champagne I consumed there didn't help after not eating much at all, but I have never experienced anything like it before.  I can only think that the hectic schedule of the last few weeks combined with poor eating, stress and adrenalin just made my body say NO MORE!!! By the way, in case you haven't guessed, there were no awards for me, so I didn't miss anything there!
I woke the next morning - my wedding day! - barely able to move, but eventually managed to get myself together for the most wonderful afternoon ever! Unfortunately it was raining as we arrived, but we were able to get some nice photos outside when it stopped - before I turned blue! I walked upstairs to the sound of REO Speedwagon's 'Keep on Loving You' in front of an amazing bunch of people, and truly enjoyed the ceremony. Dear Jenelle made a wonderful speech, my Aunt Kay came down from Auckland, my one and only sister Kiri, and her boy Max were there, Maman brought me down the aisle,WoW designers Susan Holmes, Lynne Christansen, Beatrice Carlson, Chris Davis, Fifi Colston and Sean Perucker were there to share the fun, as well as WoW founder Dame Suzie Moncrieff, Heather Palmer, Esme & Grant Palliser, Ali Boswijk and His Excellency Michael Potts and his loveley wife Lynda, who helped make the connection with Kerry Prendergast as celebrant! 

Our celebration ended by around 7, and after losing Mum and Aunty Kay at the exit (they snuck out the side!) Bunneh and I almost made it home without taking our shooz off, but not quite. There were moans of delight as our stockinged feet hit the bricks!!  I will of course post the professional photos when I get them!
It was an early night, and a Sunday sleep in, although even then, I was still not 100%. We walked down to the TSB Arena to return the St John's Ambulance blanket I had gone home with, and pick up the tickets that the WOW team had kindly offered us for the
performance that night, after learning of my dramatic exit on Friday night!
Flaming Norah's Cavalcade of Tomfoolery
The boys were playing Bubble Soccer, which totally wore them out, and after checking out the markets, I went to TePapa to meet my Aunt and hopefully check out the Gallipoli exhibition. Sadly, I was in no condition to wait for 45 mins then take an hour going through, so I re-directed Kay back to my family, and took Lynne Christiansen and Beatrice Carlson with me over to Mac's Brewery, our intended hang out for the afternoon, where sharp-eyed Lynne found us a table in the sun in the crowded beer garden! Having once again not had anything to eat, I really appreciated the food, along with one of my favourite wheat beers, Mac's Great White. After a great catch up with these two gals and a fleeting visit from Anne Aitchison, we watched the Flaming Nora's Cavalcade of Tomfoolery before returning home for
yet another nap before heading down to the 5pm show of WOW. It was wonderful to get the opportunity to see it again, and I was so appreciative of the amount of movement the models put into my pieces - I thought they looked superb, and was very proud! We came out to daylight, which was quite odd, and hoped to visit one of our other favourite bars, Avida, but it was closed on a Sunday night, so it was back to the Foxglove, where I enjoyed a Boysenberry WOW cocktail at the very table which I had haunted the afternoon before as I waited to ascend the stairs! On our return the apartment, it was most fitting that we spent the rest of the evening watching one of the Hobbitt movies! You'll find some photos of my entry Return to Earth on my Picasa Gallery.

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