Sunday, 3 May 2015

Rains, floods, and reflections

Friday was a day of much rain, which saw me digging new drains outside and clearing current ones for a few hours, before I realised that my studio was ankle deep in water!! Not the good one, I'm talking about the 'wet' one,
Silk shawl with block printing
which is somewhat exposed to the elements, but it was something I was not prepared for. So, there were a few losses, nothing too tragic, and it spurred on an almighty clean up. Perfect timing - post WOW entry and pre-travels. I have allowed myself to slow down quite a bit in the last few days - a novel feeling - and this slow time in the studio just getting to know each other (and where everything was!) felt pretty good.
Nuno felt sample with polyester corded
lace - successfully eco-dyed!
When all was in order, I was able to finalise a few eco-dyed pieces I had recently done, which just needed a final touch to make them work. Using the wood blocks I picked up at ConTEXTart, I added some metallic prints to some silk ties, silk scarves, and a silk shawl.
During the recent eco dye-baths, I added a small felted sample from my recent workshop, which included some polyester corded lace, which to my amazement, took on colour! Oh squeeee! So much potential here!!
Eco-dyed and block printed silk ties
StudioSvenja flag materials
With some re-shuffling, I have regained some room, and joy of joys, can see the entire surface of both the felting and the printing table. I fully intend this week to make a nuno-felted wrap with lace and then eco-dye it. In case any of you are worried that I am losing my passion for bright colour, fear not - here is the tentative layout of materials for my 'StudioSvenja' flag which will grace my stands at the Craft & Quilt Fairs. Pink, orange, velvet, silk, and plenty of bling - it's all there!! (Is it just me, or is that pic a bit blurry? Or am I blurry?...) Oh well, good night!

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