Sunday, 17 May 2015

Wet and Windy Perth

After a smooth 5 hour flight, I arrived in Perth, lumped my full duffel bag, suitcase, back pack and handbag to the end of the terminal to catch the city bus, which dropped me metres from the front door of where I was staying. When I finally got in (long story, very embarrassing) I was keen to head off in to town and get my bearings, as well as supplies. Sadly, as with most cities these days, it's the same old shops - you could be anywhere! Although I ended up with a good stock of food, it ended up being a cheese and crackers kind of evening - bliss!
This morning I arose at 6 whilst it was still dark, and had to wait for it to get light to go out (Lone Bunneh no brave dah dark wifout kompanyun Bunneh!) It was drizzly, but I held out hope. For a short time. I managed to bumble my way around the Convention Centre and towards Kings Park, where I foud some serious steps to take me to the top, near the Flame of Remembrance. (I have since learned that there is an even greater challenge - The Jacob's Ladder stairs!) I stopped for a coffee, and as soon as I left, the rain poured down. I sprinted to a large tree with many high buttress roots, nearly ending up joining someone who was already sleeping there! When it finally let up I ran off again, then suddenly found myself across the road from my abode - what a pleasant surprise!
I was picked up at 10am by the very generous Jennie Abbott, who proceeded to chauffeur me around for the entire day! First stop, Freemantle markets, having driven through King's Park and the many posh residences on the way. I left the markets with some stinky cheese, a kilo of cherry toms for $4, and a very beautiful silver ring. The old area of Freemantle is absolutely gorgeous - I have never seen an entire suburb with so many old buildings.
Lunch with Jennie Abbott
With Barb Thoms
Then it was off down the highway to Mandurah to visit CASM, which was displaying the Common Threads Wearable Art showcase. It was a fabulous display, and I was very pleased to meet the charming Barb Thoms,  Arts Festival Officer, who spared a great deal of her time to talk about the exhibition and  wearable arts in general, a topic close to my heart! I was very impressed with both the quality of the work, and the professionalism with which the whole event has been managed.
Weighted Untruths - Sue Smorthwaite
Jennie Abbott's Chameleon
Overall winner, Icosahedron by Kerry Gelmi
Elements of Steampunk Alice by RT Kids
Avant Garde Winner Val Hornibrook
Metallic Reflections by Jo Ireland,
made from Nespresso pods!
Global Matriarch by Jo Bowman,
 Sculptural Category Award Winner

Amazing body art is another aspect of this event
  Arriving home exhausted at 6pm (8pm for my poor QLD brain and body), I am indebted to Jennie for a wonderful tour of Perth. I definitely must relax tomorrow in order to prepare myself for the rest of the week!

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