Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Wow Deadline extension!!

This week I started a discussion with fellow Wow designers online, asking where they were up to with their works. With three weeks until my proposed photo shoot deadline, I was starting to get a little anxious, and was envying the extra time the New Zealand designers are allowed. Imagine my surprise to hear that some of them had not even started on them!!! And I have been working for months, admittedly with a few false starts. Then, imagine my delight, when looking at the Wow site, I discovered a new amendment to the entry requirements for previously admitted International designers! No longer do we have to submit photos by the 1st of April - nooooo! We simply skip that step and ship it over at the end of the month! Squeeeee! Three extra weeks!!! Never have I needed the extra time more. How is it that I missed this amazing information?!! I don't remember hearing anything about it!
The lounge room has been taken over for the last month, with my two large pieces on mannequins looming over us all. They're the first things I see when I open my eyes and roll over each morning, and we all sit here at night watching the tv with them glaring down on us! Although not yet at the loathing stage, I am heartily sick of them, and just want them done. This does not mean that I'm not enjoying the process, it's a couple of things; I have been working on them a long time, and would like to do something else, and, I just want to see them!

Last night I saw the midnight hour, as I stitched sequins onto leather - a mighty painful and frustrating  process! Today I worked hard on trying to bring at least one of the pieces all together - and out of the lounge!! Mission accomplished. I can now let him sit, and cast a critical eye over him for a while.
Here are a few other images of some of the leather moulding, and shibori organza decoration involved. Sadly, I see more sequin stitching on leather heading my way - it's very effective!!


  1. Svenja! I am very excited about seeing this revealed! I hope the mannequin doesn't come to life...that pincer looks fierce! :Dx

    1. I'll be glad when they are gone too! I got up in the middle of the night this week and forgot 'IT' was in the dinning room, scared the bejezus out of me :-)

  2. I'm just catching up with all your posts. I literally can't wait to see the finished product! Also, I could not think of anything worse than stitching sequins to leather. Why would you do that to yourself hahah!