Wednesday, 18 March 2015


The week started with an early delivery on Monday of these bags of goodies, (right) which was a great boost for my motivation as I plug away for the final weeks at finishing the beasts for WOW. Also known as tubular crinoline, these are sold as cyberlox, (left) a techno/goth/club version of dreadlocks. Unfortunately I am using most of it in my pieces, but, oh, gee, the bag of lavender/pink isn't getting used...... ;-) heh heh heheh!!
More hair accessories are being utilised - here are some dismembered and painted ibis clips which will provide finishing touches to both pieces.
Iridescent organza is being pin-stitched for both to give it a bit of body and life - another arduous process, although it is greatly improved by the music and air-conditioning in StudioSvenja! I DO love my space!! Sadly, this stage is almost pure drudgery, as I simply try to complete the vision which began, what seems now, so long ago!
Enough of this moping!! Today I had a diversion from the  drudgery, as I picked up my travelling home (Chrystal the Cage) for the Craft & Quilt Fair tour (left) around Australia. Unfortunately, it doesn't fit anywhere near StudioSvenja, so I am going to have to negotiate with ShedMatt for a couple of weeks storage whilst I prepare it!!

This is probably the last you will hear from me for a while, as April is an insane month, starting with a trip to ConTEXTart, where my Bunneh and I will be participating in Anne Leon's 2-day workshop. We have, however, booked the entire week away - cunning, no? We arrive home in time to enjoy Cirque du Soleil with our boys. Then we have the WOW photo-shoot, packing the beasts up for WOW, packing Chrystal the Cage for the tour, and ending the month with a trip to the Hervey Bay Spinners & Weavers  to teach them my Precious Fragment wrap. Phew!! Remember folks - if you want to catch up with me this year for any artist talks or workshops as I travel around with the Craft & Quilt Fair, make sure to let me know in good time before I book my flights!! Ciao for now!!

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