Friday, 16 January 2015

Larks in Logan, Shibori Shenanigans, and the delights of Selective Fine Fabrics

Shibori work by Beatrice Jackson
I spent today with my dear friend Beatrice, who is a weaving, dyeing and shibori master. Our first stop was to Logan Art Gallery  to deliver her work for the Vision 20/20:Our future exhibition. Her contemporary shibori work was a delight to behold, worked in two layers of lamé secured by beads.
We enjoyed looking around the current exhibition of wild-life art, where there were some truly amazing works. I was not familiar with the technique of working on scratchboard, which enables the artist to create a highly detailed and lifelike artwork.
Logan Art Gallery Retail Space

The retail space contained many, many lovely things, including of course, lots of lovely dyed and woven scarves by Beatrice Jackson. There were also beautiful wood works and jewellery, at amazingly good prices.I saw some lovely work by Therese Flynn-Clarke, who had a corner of beautifully eco-dyed scarves.  Logan Art Gallery also sports a magnificent workshop space - this place is amazing!
Stitched shibori shaping on woven scarf
Paint-printed devoré effect
Selective Fine Fabrics 

(When I had initially arrived, Beatrice showed me one of her woven scarves which she had shibori stitched into leaf shapes, which is now ready for dyeing. I think they are so fascinating at this stage, and am in awe of the time and skill that goes into the creation of these.)
We stopped in at Make-It Fabrics, where no fabrics demanded to be taken home, but it's always good to do the rounds and see what's currently in stock. We did find this interesting fabric which appeared to be a devoré velvet, but was actually printed with paint instead of acid etched to create the pattern. By now my stomach was warning me that if I didn't find noms soon, there would be a hangry. My theory was that the local tavern would provide the coolest environment on this horrendously hot day, as well as cold drinks. Hmmmmm. The Springwood Tavern did not quite live up to this. It was NOT cold, and it was a buffet set-up - I'm used to going into a pub and
Selective Fine Fabrics bling cabinets!
being able to order what I like! Oh well, it was a new experience for the both of us! I enjoyed sharing with Bea my latest designs - I had come prepared with sketchbook and tablet!
On the way home we stopped in at Selective Fine Fabrics, an unassuming looking shop which houses amazing textiles sourced from all over the world.. We warned the owner that were just coming to drool, but she welcomed us and simply asked us not to drool on the fabrics, as silk water-stains. We were initially captivated by the delicious Elie Saab floral printed organza, which we later found in chiffon as well, then by the divine rhinestone waistbands. If you can't find what you are looking for amongst this amazing collection of printed, embroidered, ruched, and beaded silk, not to mention guipure laces, there's something wrong with you.
My shibori shaped and spray painted lamé
I had myself that morning put the giant boiling pot in the garden to boil my shibori work, done in the bomaki style over pvc pipes, and buckets for the larger scale versions (hence the need for the giant pot which lives in the back garden ready for these moments.)  On arrival home, it was time to unload the shibori pot - one of the buckets completely warped in the heat into something more like a triangle! Here's how they end up, after drying, being spray painted whilst still pleated, then opened up. These are for my current WoW creation, which I hope to finish fairly soon. Then perhaps I could work on a second one?!!


  1. OMG! You girls, I am dying over this post!!! Gold lame shibori!!! Beautiful, Svenja. I think I must visit Logan Gallery and those fabric stores!!!
    I have been a bit naughty this week re the sales, but I think you would approve, I got an Akira long dress beaded and kind of tied at the waist with a Japanese style rosette looking knot.
    Your creative pursuits are so exciting!!

  2. Heh heh heh - we did have fun! Can't wait to get into it today! Your Akira dress sounds delicious!!