Thursday, 27 November 2014

Future Beauty

1 week today and I leave for New York! Still not actually thinking about it. So terrified about the flight, it's better that I just don't think about it at all, and just get up and go. Right?! I managed to distract myself today by going to see Future Beauty at GOMA, which was absolutely gorgeous. As I walked past the Qld Museum to the gallery, I noticed these lovely little niches containing images of the exhibition.

It was really, really, hard not to touch the garments, or to climb up on the platforms and look at them from all angles! I'm pretty sure that all the guards were keeping a close eye on me as I peered ever closer in the gloom to see details, and loitered for several hours. Sadly, I couldn't take photos, but I hope these ones nabbed off the 'net will suffice. I was particularly fascinated with the crinoline dress, right, and with the Issey Miyake dresses which are so beautiful folded flat, and become amazingly beautiful sculptural dresses when opened up and placed on a body. They also have metallic foil applied during the heating/shaping process, which, when they unfold, can be randomly distributed across the garment, only making sense when they fold down again. There were many monitors displaying video footage to take in as well, and I finished off with a session in the reading area with a lovely view of the river.

I then caught up with Janet de Boer for a birthday celebration lunch at the GOMA cafe - what a lovely setting! Here we whiled away several hours eating duck, drinking bubbles, and talking sex, drugs, and stepmotherhood! And I'm sure textile art was in there somewhere too....  Oh yes, it was, Contextart 2015. Bunneh Jenelle and I are now booked in for this lovely event in April in the Blue Mountains, and we look forward to catching up with Janet during this festive week!

On arriving home, I found a cd in the mail from a thoughtful friend, documenting her trip to NY several years ago. What a mine of information! However, it does make it all seem terribly, terribly real.....  
Oh my goodness - the Empire State Building, MoMA, Rockefeller Centre, Ground Zero,  MOOD Fabrics, classes at the Fashion Institute of Technology, just... everything!! I would also love to catch some very cool jazz over there too!! This will probably be my last post until I return, so enjoy the lovely Summer storm weather whilst I freeze under 7 metres of snow!!  Muuuwwwahhhhh!!!

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