Sunday, 10 November 2013


After TAFE on Friday, I swung past bridal designer Wendy Makin's work room to pick up some fabric scrap bags that were getting under their feet. Well, as I said to one of the girls, "It's like looking at footpath fruit - I don't need it, but I feel like it deserves a good home!!" Eight bags later, and I could barely close the kombi door! 
By 11:30 that night, Callum and I were 6 bags in and exhausted. 
Saturday morning I kept on sorting, and re-sorting the treasures. There's so much tulle, I'm trying to think of what kind of a WoW entry I can make with tulle?!! Speaking of WoW, congrats to them for receiving valuable government endorsement and funding to take the concept global!!

This was breakfast this morning - a fritatta made with the leftovers from last nights' delicious pizzas,  cooked in the still hot brick oven! Dericious!!

I finished my design assignment this morning, (motivated by my desire to clear the felting table so I could make a sample piece). Initially inspired by the paintings of Georgia O'Keefe, we were instructed to find other images that tied in and inspired us further - I was led to voluptuous storm clouds and the amazing sculptural work of designer Yiquing Yin, hence the title Cloudlines. As previously noted, I am not satisfied with my illustrative skills yet, but I am happy with the project overall, and with what I have learned. I enjoy practicing sketching, and this year's round of WoW designs should be the best looking ever!

Today I made prefelt yardage and stitched it into a garment which I will felt tomorrow, and eco-dye with plant materials from my mothers garden, as well as some lovely rusted horse shoes from her Uncle Larry's farm in New Zealand! It is a simple garment design based on a wrap my mother has, and she suggested it as a good way to utilise my dyed silk and felt work. I thought it would be nice if my sample piece could be a gift for her, and even more so if it were dyed by her own beloved garden. I also wanted to have an eco-dye bundle to unwrap for my TAFE class on Friday when the come to visit StudioSvenja! Hope it works out!!

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  1. Svenja, your sketches are delightful, airy, beautiful. It's not just about capturing the look of the piece but also what it makes you feel like to wear it – great work. I'm so bad with names, I had to go look up the illustrators whose styles I see subtle hints of in the sketches you've shared – the simplicity of form and that soft painterly background definitely a little Petra Dufkova as well as a bit reminiscent of Nicole Miller.
    warmest to you and Matt,