Sunday, 22 September 2013

WOW - the final countdown

This is for you Donna Toussaint - studio mess!!
Okay then - it's now officially TWO MORE SLEEPS! Yesterday we delivered the boys to annual cadet camp. After a run home (struggle street!) then domestics, it was an enjoyable afternoon in the studio, making a collage out of the most recent Style magazine (I think this should become a tradition!) and laying down some watercolour backgrounds for some drawings.

Georgia O'Keefe: Black Iris No. 2, 1936
Black Iris II, Georgia O'Keefe
1.+i+come+into+myself+and+faraway+i+am+there+too.jpg (200×400)
Del Kathryn Barton
My next design assigment for TAFE is to create a collection inspired by either the art of Georgia O'Keefe or Del Kathryn Barton. It's a tough choice. I have to say that Georgia's work speaks to me very much on a textile design level, and very much suits my own aesthetic, but I am equally excited by Ms Barton's work, which is  inspiring me on another artistic level.
It is tempting me into drawing and painting again and I am loving it! So, they're both inspiring, and I think Ms Barton will take me further down the illustrative path, whilst Ms O'Keefe inspires a collection of fashion designs. See, not even a few months, and TAFE is already fabulous for me!
I also managed to finalise my own WoW outfit, by using a $2 op-shop bag and riveting a piece of my moulded leather to it! For the last few years, I have not had a suitable bag - this time, I will!
OMG - did I mention 2 more sleeps?!!
Last night we partied hard and went to bed at 8:30pm, only to sleep in until nearly 8am! Oooh, party people!! We had a date to to meet the East Coast Muscle Car Club at Harrigans Hotel for lunch, and after a small detour to Hope Island (never following Barrie and Chooka again! ) we had a very enjoyable lunch in the sun with some groovy tunes to accompany it - bliss! Here are my two handsome boys, Fred and Matt. I did have every intention of driving the freshly tuned Fred, but got seduced by some beautiful ales and Sauvignon Blancs, so became ineligible!

We stopped off at the Storey Bridge on the way home, where I noticed our reflection in Freds' mudguard. OMG - I have 6 foot legs!! Awesome! It was a great day of doing not much at all, except enjoying the day and each others company.
Back at home, we chilled out in the Oasis and gazed into the firepit..... always a contemplative experience.
Well, this is it, folks! It's off to NZ for the 25th Annual WOW Awards! Looking forward to catching up with some of you there, and filling the rest of you in afterwards. I wish all my fellow designers the best, I know it will be just amazing for us all to see our designs on stage in the amazing performance. WOW's 25th. my 5th, and Matts' 55th birthday! All the 5's - a lucky year perhaps? I just know it's going to be fabulous - can't wait!

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