Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Did I miss something here?!!

Somehow, not sure sure how, it has become February of 2013!! Of course, my next thought after that is how many days left until the World of WearableArt deadline. By now you all know it is April 1st for photo submissions, so I don't need to spell out the urgency.
However, challenges keep getting thrown in the way to slow me down.... A few weeks ago we had torrential rain, which showed up some weak spots in the new studio, and put a stop to the concrete floor getting sealed.  At the same time, we welcomed 3 new bodies to our home, meaning further space was lost, and the pace of life ratcheted up yet another notch. Tonight I have finished painting the floor ( a tasteful understated whitewash with glitter swirls!!)
Note running stain from storms near fabulous new Air Conditioning unit!
If it gets sealed this week, I might get to move in on the weekend! However, I'm thinking I will just use it as a construction space for the next 6 weeks as I can't get bogged down in creating the new space whilst trying to finish 3 major pieces - these take precedence!! To top it all off, I have received word from Mainfreight this week that my last 2 WOW pieces are at the port ready for pick up. Now where am I going to put those?!!
This is the current state of my upstairs studio/dressing room/general dumping ground!!
Cardboard templates, feathers, leather off-cuts - everything is there!
I thought I'd share with you a delightful image that I wake up to each morning, which creates peace & beauty in my mind, and makes me smile - my beautiful mermaid of serenity, draped in the jewellery that I wear.
Once the WOW deadline has been successfully reached, my immediate reward is a SvenJen adventure (with my partner in silliness Miss Jenelle), this time to Fibres Ballarat, to do a workshop with Marjolein Dallinga. Whooo hoooo!! Can't wait!
Happy Creating folks, remember to give your time to the things that make you happy - this life can be a short one. Make it count.

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