Thursday, 17 January 2013

Aaaaah, another weekend dawns! As you know, last weekend was successful on both the artistic and engineering fronts. Whilst Matt slaved away building the studio, I trotted off to Ikea looking for storage solutions for it. The sea of people was terrifying, but it was a most successful trip. On my return, we had the obligatory session with allen keys, but as it was just some  clothes racks, it wasn't too much of  a challenge!
On my way back, I couldn't resist a stop off at Loot. If I had any room here at all, I would have also indulged - unfortunately, I recently found a massive mirror for my studio in a skip bin for nix!!

 In the current state of disarray, this is the neatest part of my current upstairs studio. This is my desk where I have been tooling, dyeing and painting leather. It and Betty Bernina are the two constants at the moment as everything shifts around them, as the studio accommodates my dressing room, and starts to move downstairs.

This week on the way to work I found some fabulous 'Footpath Fruit' - a black metal shelving unit which has become the perfect mobile interim storage for my shoe collection! It wouldn't fit any which way into the Kombi, but was only around the corner, so I popped it in and had it hanging out of the sliding door whilst I carefully drove home! Luckily, discovering footpath fruit is a valid excuse for being late for work around here!!
Just look at the studio progress this week - and as of tonight it's even further along! This wall has been sheeted, and the third wall has been half sheeted. Just that and the doors to go before I start painting - so exciting!!  It's starting to look like quite a decent room now - I just want in!

I thought Matt's tools and the offcuts made rather a lovely image..

So, this has been just a quick update before this weekends adventures which start at 8:30am tomorrow (before the heat gets crazy!) with a visit to MacLace for rivets for my leather.
 Happy creating, folks!

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