Sunday, 10 February 2013


Okay, prepare yourselves for a bit of bleat/moan/whinge here. Take it with the grain of salt that I am - this is a recognised and regular part of the creative process, it's just a bit painful. I've got less than seven weeks left, and as usual, everything is falling apart. I'm going mad because I'm working in ridiculously cramped conditions. I won't even grace my old 'studio' with that title anymore, as it is just a giant pile of stuff that I keep tripping over and losing things in. My new studio has stopped - the floor has not been touched - apart from some muddy footprints by persons unknown but highly suspected!!#$%@!!!
I'm stuck with where I'm going with my WOW pieces - it's a 'make-or-break' kind of situation at this stage, and uncertainty can become almost paralysing. I've come this far, it's not quite there, I don't want to lose the magic, how do I not screw this up?
Luckily I have done this enough now to know that despite the deadline, it is time to step back. It's time to stop desperately thinking and experimenting.  Often it is helpful to go back to the ideas and images that originally inspired me, to re-find my direction when I am lost.
Ok, that was quite cathartic - now moving right along!
I always like to have some pictures to show you, so here's some arashi shibori in process on a metallic polyester fabric.
These then turn into lovely springy pleated tubes, which I was going to cut feather shaped pieces out of, but when I was playing around with it, found this lovely way of using it to texture a surface.
And here is a sneak peak of the process of airbrushing the leather with dye, which is nicely disguised with a little ghost imaging!
Quite ethereal, really! And a lovely note on which to end. I'm sure I'll have a more positive report next time, once I have found my Mojo once again!

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