Thursday, 25 October 2012


This evening we went to artisan for the opening of The Antipodean Steampunk Show. This piece in the shop window was the first to grab my attention, and then this skull:
I have to say, it's the best exhibition I have seen there in a long time - largely because it exhibited actual craftsmanship instead of merely design principles! It was a very rich looking exhibition, and I was impressed with the way it was housed in the space. One of the highlights for me was Andrew McDonald's fantastic mirror, and another was 'The Clockwork Universe".
Andrew McDonald's Mirror
The Clockwork Universe
One wall was covered in gilt framed photographs, and had the works from the photograph on display on shelves below - I like this kind of approach. - it's about both types of creation - the object and the reality which you create within the photograph of it.
Shortly before we left, a charming lady in excellent dress arrived and said to me "I've traveled for two hours on a train to get here, and your shoes alone have made it worthwhile". Awwww, music to a shoe freak's ear. Both my shoes and my shibori shrug attracted some attention, although for once I think I was one of the more under-dressed there!
 Well, it's the end of the 'working' week for me - tomorrow I do my household duties and prepare for the weekend. Last Friday, Matt took me to Packer Leather to get some skins for me to play with, as a birthday present. I've had some lightning moments this week just driving to work about how I can work with these - and I don't think I would have had them if I didn't have them lying around the place inspiring me! So thanks dahl - awesome pressie! Thanks for the inspiration!

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