Saturday, 29 September 2012

World of WearableArt 2012

oooooh, it was some tired little campers that woke up in a blur this morning! The show last night was of course amazing, although admittedly, disappointing for us in that we didn't place in the awards. I really did think we has made something special this year, but..... you just never know! As I have said before, I make things for WoW that I otherwise wouldn't make, so it is all worthwhile in the end.
We ran in to a few of the designers on the way down to the show, so had a photo opportunity in the foyer of Rydges.  Then it was off to the Intercontinental for pre-show drinks - an excellent idea!

Then off to the show.... After the Awards Ceremony, we trotted back to the Intercontinental for more Designer drinks - and didn't we need them! On our return to our hotel I had another beer to drown my sorrows, then off to bed around 2am.
We awoke to another sparkaringoo day, and visited the carpark markets, where I was thrilled to find that talented designer Nadine Jaggi, maker of Ornitho Maia, had a stall selling her leather accessories.
Ornitho Maia
I was thrilled to buy a leather feather necklace from her, a direct link to her award winning piece! I can't wait to get home and get playing with my new leatherworking kit!!
Nadine Jaggi leather necklace
From here it was on to Te Papa to hear the Judges Forum, and to learn the sections for 2013. There are a few to tempt us there.... entry kit gets released November 1. Check it out at their website then.
Tired, hungry and a little bit whingy, I was dragged from the sunny waterfront to the Hoegaarden, where we found a sunny nook, cloudy beer, and a giant venison burger whilst Matt had huge plates of mussels to his great delight!
After rolling our bellies out of the door, Matt and I spent the afternoon walking off this giant meal, then back to base for a bit before I went out for a walk to try and catch up with mother - seeing as it was her birthday an' all! After 3 goes, I still haven't managed to! I enjoyed a stroll along the harbour in the stunning weather, and another passionfruit Cosmo.
It seems like everyone was out soaking up the sun after weeks of rain - I imagine it's like this in England when it's fine! There was even a piano out on the waterfront for people to play at will - an absolutely lovely idea!

I also enjoyed seeing the WoW crowds enjoying their pre-show drinks and meals at the various establishments, and the throng of VIP's flocking to their tables at the Arena. They were all off to see our work on show - pretty cool!!
Well, this time tomorrow we will be back with our cat Mishka, and back to reality. Luckily we have a public holiday to recover, but unfortunately I have to go to work to prepare for our meeting on Tuesday - it all seems so unreal right now! Then Tuesday it's loading up the kombi with mannequins and helping ATASDA to set up their exhibition 'Beyond the Surface' at Robyn Bauer Gallery, Paddington.

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