Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Two more sleeps!!

Excited much?!!!!! We received our tickets in the mail last week, along with the tourist brochure which feature a designer profile on me - yay!!  Lovely pic of Fimbria Figura, which we get to see NEXT WEEK on display at the Intercontinental Hotel in Wellington!!
We have brilliant seats - Preview is front and centre, and the Awards night is to the side and 5 rows in - fantastic!!!-
(Apologies for the dodgy photos in this entry - having a few issues which I will sort ASAP!)
Fimbria in brochure - sorry about the bad upload!
The BioLumina billboard!
Last night I was absolutely astounded and excited to see the new cover picture on WOW's Facebook page  - it's the advertisement featuring BioLumina which is plastered all over billboards, buses, bus shelters and flags all over Wellington!! It's such a beautiful image, I am thrilled! I have also been told that BioLumina will be on display outside the media room (of which hotel I'm not sure!). So although I won't get to see her in the museum at Nelson, it will be lovely to see her up close again!

Saturday of this weekend was spent at the gym in the morning, doing the new releases of Body Combat and Body Pump - I can't believe people do these 2 classes together every Saturday!!! After an enjoyable catch up with the girls at Urban Espresso, where I had an extremely yummy scrambled eggs and turkish toast, I cut out my leather and fabric to make a corset to wear to Preview night - bit of a last minute decision I know, but I had the beautiful shibori shrug already made.....

Leather cut-out corset and shibori shrug
The afternoon was spent cruising in Wendy-Jo, the fabulous cream Buick, and we dropped in to see my mother, who gave me this beautiful purple bag to take to WOW.

Beautiful purple bag with dress
With a few sequins and beads, it will match my dress perfectly! Thanks Maman! Sunday saw a successful foray to the markets, where I scored fantastic platform pumps for $20 and a beautiful sequin bag for $5. On the right are the hideously expensive new WOW shoes (3rd pair?!!) but SO perfect!
Market bargains and WOW shoes
After a lovely brekky at Cream (Eggs Benny on a croissant - yum!!) it was time to stitch the corset. I knocked off for the day early afternoon, enjoying a few bubbly's with Matt whilst we watched crazy Russians on Youtube....

Mishka took the opportunity to enjoy a good sprawl in the sun - I don't think he's going to like us much after we get back from NZ! Luckily we do have the fabulous Miss Jenelle and Mishka's brother, Matts' son, lined up to feed, medicate, scratch, cuddle and clean up after him, but there's going to be a lot of inside time....

So, this is just a brief update before we leave for the Land of the Long White Cloud........
Talk to you from there!
And look out for me in Brisbane News this week....

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