Monday, 10 September 2012

10 more sleeps till New Zealand!!

It must be Spring, ‘cause I’ve been cleaning! Saturday I finally attacked my horrendous wardrobe, and beat it into submission!! A massive task exacerbated by constant op-shop and market scores. Yes, I have a huge wardrobe, but most of it cost around $5 a piece! And you never know when you might want to wear that piece….!!
Not only that, but I half packed for NZ!! Yay!! Following that, I headed off to our local piece of bushland, Seven Hills Reserve, in search of photographic locations for future shoots. After much hard walking, interesting discovery, and some geographical embarrassment, I headed home, and continued on with making my new leggings to wear to the WOW awards night. Black lycra leggings and mini, plus diamonte satin shooz, with draped felt bodice….
Diamonte shoooz!
Stitching on the verandah
Last weekend I did much of the stitching of the drapery on this as I sat at the ATASDA (Australian Textile And Surface Design Association) meeting. It was wonderful as always to catch up with all my fellow textile nuts, and it was great to get something done at the same time! There was also a very interesting presentation on the Golden range of artist products, in particular the mediums. Turns out you can make ‘skins’ out of them, and put them through the printer, or embed things in them, or paint on them, and as they are flexible polymer, stitch through them! Hmmmmmm……
Printing on a 'skin'
Crackle medium
Sunday was the Studebaker Concours, and we took a contingent of 5 cars down to the event at the lovely Fort Lytton. I enjoyed another walk around the fort, and Matt was very happy to end up with a trophy for third place overall as well as people’s choice for our beautiful truck Fred (who was my drive for the day - whoooh!!).
The award winning Fred and Matt!
This Saturday being International Drive Your Studebaker Day, we felt duty bound to take one of the fleet out for a drive. Feeling quite lazy, we only went as far as the Storey Bridge, but scored an awesome park right out the front so we could admire the GT Hawk as we quaffed our wine. Then it was home for a fire and some Mojhitos….. and so endeth Saturday night.
The Hawk and Matt
Up early Sunday for some boxing with Miss Jenelle, which always has a marvellous effect on me if I’ve been a tad naughty the night before. I did refuse to skip, however, as I could feel my poor dehydrated brain bouncing around in my skull. Owwwww. Then off to the markets for supplies, to return home to a lovely brunch of ocean trout and poached egg. And champagne…..
A pleasant few hours were then spent drinking cocktails and sewing on the back deck, with only the welcome disruption of Miss Jenelle breaking the slothful reverie. She had arrived to school myself, or failing that, Matt and Paul, to use the straightener on my hair – however, we all failed. Jenelle did a superb job though, and even stuck around to help style me for an artist profile picture shoot.
Moi Stoilish Stylist!!
New profile shot
(Having done the styling in the kitchen, the spray had gone all over the wooden floor making a super slick patch, which yes, managed to catch me in my stockinged feet later in the evening – faceplant!!)
Although good things were achieved, and fun times were had, as usual I would have liked to have achieved more. Such as starting work on creating with these beautiful feathers that arrived last week – or starting my leatherwork!
Finally – a photo of my additional wings, and a photo of my next design……
There's another set on my shoulders, too!
Booked in for October - Happy Birthday to me!!

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