Monday, 2 July 2018

Bling Bling!!

I just checked my previous blog to see where I left off, and I could hardly believe that the last image of my embroidered yoke has now turned into this! As I noted in an Instagram post - decorative self control level = zero!! With delicious 3D sequin flowers to play with (amazingly, from the $2 shop), mixed in with my posher sorts, I just went a bit Bling Berserk!! Although I had a bit of a design to begin with, it did, as usual, organically grow! It is now removed from the frame and ready for application.

Speaking of frames, I found this lovely, larger frame with stand on Gumtree, and on Sunday we headed out to Woody Point to pick it up. I've taken this shot from above so you can't really see the stand, but I can now sit on the floor and embroidery comfortably. The current set-up is all a bit backwards and dodgy - I'd already cut out the collar - but I'll make it work!! I stopped in to Bead Trimming and Craft today, and couldn't help but leave with these silvery sequins.

The yoke for Matt's silk shirt is planned to be done in a restrained silver metallic thread, but there is no guarantee that these won't make their way into the design...
Although I do buy sequins everywhere, from dollar shops to online, I do love shopping at BeadTrimming&CraftCo at Stones Corner.
The day of bling continued, as I picked up this bag at the dreaded KMart - it matches so well with the fabric I bought a few weeks ago! Modelled here on Emperor Matt.
All the equipment is now assembled for the kombi paint job, and it is just a wait for the right weather conditions now to start! I think the amorphous pattern, based on butterfly wings, will offer me enough of a buffer to hide my lack of experience in this particular medium!
The next post will be of the Medieval Fair - the trim arrived for my outfit today. Thank goodness. It's no rhinestone, but it's something. It's going to be an interesting weekend for this peacock - no sparkles, no pink hair, no heels!!

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