Sunday, 20 March 2016

Bunz wif Gunz go felting in da Grampz Part 2

Thursday started with more delishus coffee, and a short walk to the pier, as we were due to head off. There had been a nice dump of kelp overnight,
which I enjoyed rummaging in, much to BB's
displeasure, and even found two big bunches just waiting for me to lift them up - phwooaaar! Those guys are heavy!! (Why does my back hurt, Bunneh?) We had a successful op-shop mission on our way out, and headed towards the Twelve Apostles. (Side note, PB has announced that she 'shall not brain today'.)
Whingy BB seems to have an issue with sand, of all things, so whinges when we walk down Gibson Steps (STEPZ, Bunneh!!) for a selfie on the beach. Back up and exploration of the cliff walks, where PB is somewhat daunted by the amount of tourists!! Hilarious signs advise of possible death, unstable cliffs, and snakes!
After a fuel stop in Port Campbell (next to Frying Nemo - bahaahahaa!) the hangry bunnehs decide they can make it to Warnambool (AKA 'Womble'), although BB insists PB eat the fricken muesli bar - now!! Good idea, Bun.
We decide not to stop at some other scenic spots (how many rocks do we need to see) - we need to get to our burrow and to noms!! We reach the lovely new burrow and immediately set out for noms, at the lovely and likely looking Pavilion Cafe. Well, disappointment has a name - Pavilion Cafe is serving coffee and cake - unasseptable!! The Bunnehs stomp their way back to the burrow, jump in the car (with PB driving, as BB refuses to get back in the drivers seat) and head to Fishtales, where BB is delighted to find a Boho Bowl, and PB gets a beer and lovely lamb souvlaki! Now in a happy food coma, PB needs a little convincing to get back out there, but supplies are needed, and getting that done will free up some time in the morning. We pick up pool noodles for the workshop, and noms to keep us going, before returning
to burrow. A few hours are spent relaxing - reading and catching up on komunukayshunz, before a video call with Matt (hilarity) and watching Wogboy, where some unfortunate new words enter our vocabulary.

Friday begins with PB sending a text upstairs to BB - "Oh Hai Bunneh - what time is upz?" "Now is good", comes the response! A strange offer of coffee is shouted down - "You want Asian Wisdom mud or regular mud?" "Just regular mud, thanks Bun". It's a strange language... Back to Fishtales for
a real coffee before our walk around Lake Pertobe, where we enjoy a bmx track, a maze, a flying fox (which is too high for scaredy bunnehs) - and many bounding Bunnehs on the pathway!! After breakfast and a look at Middle Island (of Oddball fame - are they penguins? No, I think they're seagulls...) we set off for the Grampians. After a boring, sleepy
drive, we pull over for a stop at "The Picaninny". BB explodes out of the car to stretch her paws, and we decide to walk the "1.2 km's" to the 'Picaninny'. Well. After 15 minutes of relentless ups in the hot, dry midday sun, PB, who is not wearing active wear but actual clothes for the first time in three days, chucks a bit of a sad when we reach the sign that says we are 0.8km. Errrrrr, NO! With AC back blasting on us, we drive into Halls Gap and find the workshop venue, and determine the morning coffee destination before finding our new burrow - a lovely three bedroom house! After settling in, both bunnehs have a little noy noy on the lounge floor in the a/c....
The dry heat is killing the Pink Bunneh, but the crayzee bunneh goes out for a walk!! Although the opening party is on that night, PB cannot face the heat, so we meet at the Indian and order takeaway! Shortly after that, Big J (Janet de Boer) rings and suggests meeting for Indian, so we highly recommend it to her! We manage to watch Memoirs of a Geisha (amazing)  after which PB attempts to sit outside - still Hot as Hades!

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