Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Bunz wif Gunz go felting in da Grampz Part 3

Bunnehs arise at crack 'o' dawn (PB still on BNE time thinks she has another hour before upzzz but nooooo..) To the bakery for 'coffee' - although the faces we turn to one another as we see the machine expresses our mistrust of the strange, very un-espresso looking machine... still, better than nothing! (Iz tolerablez, but is nawt most delishus cawfee!) On the way to the workshop we stop for some real coffee, and run into our tutor from five years ago,Phyliss Hoffman! When we arrive at the Parkgate Resort to find our classroom, we just follow the trail of women carrying pool noodles! Our lovely tutor, Pam Hovel, shows us samples and explains
what we can make - BB is very excited and is itching to get going! A happy morning is spent laying out wool, then visiting the traders at lunch time, where BB finds the perfect piece of old gold lace to use for the centre back of her wrap. Happy Bunneh! Pam approves the choice, and BB motors on with her layout. We finish the day at the wetting down stage, and leave our layouts rolled up as we go to set up for the market. PB loads up her clothing rack and wheels it across to the markets, aware that there is too much weight for the flimsiness of it. Sure enough, it twists apart, but luckily the lovely Elizabeth Bowe is right
 behind, ready to rescue! We set up in the absolutely blazing sun, and BB goes off for a walk (after bringing PB a cold beer - nice work! And a White Rabbit, at that!) Not only do I get to catch up with lots of Facebook contacts, but am very pleased to see one of my felt wraps leave with the lovely Madeline Hedges - a perfect match! We also catch up with Della and Heather, from Ballarat forums, as well as two out of the original group of three we met on our first trip to the Grampians! BB drives an exhausted PB home and we have an early night watching the Aussie classic, Crackerjack.
Sunday morning we get in the car, and both rear back and scream as yesterdays a/c setting blasts us away! With an immediate need for caffeine,
the buns head to the local cafe where they intend to breakfast. This is put into jeopardy  by the presence of a baby, loudly and joyously banging stuff on the table. Why people feel the need, or, as it would seem, the right, to inflict this on others escapes me. There's a reason I chose not to have children, people. At first I thought I could ride it out, but there was danger I might chuck a sad, so I re-assessed, and we moved outside.
BB gets her wooly cape shaped on her body by Pam
After breakfast, we had another check of the traders, grabbed a takeaway coffee, and headed off to class. As we arrived, PB expostulates "Why aren't these children at school?!!" "Errrrr, because it's Sunday, Bun." "Oh." The next quote came from BB, as she said "I'm really looking forward to rolling!".  "Can I have that in writing?!!" She really did enjoy the rolling, particularly as it was timed rather than counted. Amazeballz.

At lunchtime we popped back to the traders for some finishing touches to add to BB's wrap - some gold thread intended to stitch into her piece, whilst PB scored a lovely choker of bling for $2. Whilst BB made some more felt to support the lace felted into her collar, PB made a replica wrap in miniature for Shaun sheep, much to the delight of Pam, who requested that he join the workshop display table!
After the brief display, we picked up some noms for PB to take to meet with Big J, with BB dropping her off as she goes for a walk - perfect! PB is very happy to meet Janet's housemate, the lovely Philomena Hali - a very familiar name for years! We all enjoy some bubbles and noms before BB returns, to take PB and the seven dolls she has mysteriously acquired home. (The dolls are intended for distribution amongst artists to dress for the exhibition at Gallery 159, June 19th, to celebrate marriage, and PB's in particular.) There is a complex discussion trying to explain this to BB, which is repeated verbatim in a later conversation with Matt!

BB then suffers an evening of ABC television at the hands of PB (apparently Call the Midwife is the worst show in history) as we pack. Anxious about the drive to Melbz, we get up at 6am and prepare to leave - there is one hideous moment as PB delves through her bag looking for something only to feel hair, and a face - eeeeek! A doll!! We head for our scheduled coffee stop at Ballarat, where we have an excellent time in several opshops, finishing with a derishous coffee from the Darrel Lea shop, which also included some chocolate shopping for boys at home! After one more brief stop at The Old MillMarkets, we continue on, for another smooth entrance into the Virgin Lounge.
Here is the fleecy wrap, now much improved by a visit to the dye pot!!

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