Tuesday, 28 July 2015

The rest of Melbourne Craft & Quilt Fair

Jan, Pam, myself and Suzanne
Myself and Della
The Glamorous Pam Groble and myself
The Melbourne Show felt like a slow four days - I'm not sure why - it was quite busy in numbers, but it somehow didn't have the energy of some of the others. I was a bit sad about this, as I expected Melbz to be the pinnacle of them all! Still, it was, as always, an enjoyable experience, and I caught up with some fabulous people that I have met at other textile art events. Pam Hovel of Raw Edge Textiles, Jan Everett (whose workshop at Ballarat in 2016 we are strongly considering as the annual Bunneh getaway) and their friend Suzanne on one day, the wonderful Della Jones in her beautiful felt coat adorned by butterflies, whom we met one year at said previous Ballarat event on another, and finally, the glamorous Pam Groble of Lara Downs, who was wearing an eco-dyed scarf of mine and proceeded to buy a further three scarves from me!! Thank you so much for your support, lovely lady! It was a pleasure to spend time with you again!
Sean Sheep in dancing pose
Poor Sean being stuffed into the backpack!
Miss Chrissy in Poiret-esque coat
Miss Fisher Costume
Sean Sheep was, as usual, travelling with me, and I sure did appreciate his woolly warmness! After such lovely previous experiences, I was interested to see how he would be treated by housekeeping here, and it seems it really does depend on who you get! One day he was left looking quite dismal, face down on the bed, another, he looked positively joyful, as he danced his way across the sheets! One day Maman decided he looked bored, so she gave him a book to read.... The worst time is always pack up, and this time there was no room in the suitcase, so here he goes into the backpack for the trip home. The upside to this is that he gets to come out on the flight, only to be used this time as a pillow by Miss Chrissy!!
Drink me, Alice!!
Miss Chrissy, Tessa and Vanessa
But, before then,we checked out and caught a tram to Rippon Lea Estate, where the Miss Fisher costume exhibition was on in the most wonderful setting - a complete experience!. We met up with Miss Chrissy and Co there, where she modeled a gloriously Poiret-esque coat, and we got a lovely shot of us where she said "I feel like when we go out together we fall down the rabbit hole!" We all enjoyed a riotous lunch before Maman and I headed back on the tram  to collect our suitcases and catch the Skybus, only to rejoin Miss Chrissy in the baggage queue and ride her glorious coattails into the blessed Virgin Lounge! Yesssss!!
Home again, only to head off for Canberra one week from today! Much to do before then, including packing some serious warmz! Canberrrrrrrrrrraa!!

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