Thursday, 2 July 2015

Back in the Studio, and a weekend of Beading!

It's been just over a week since I returned from Sydney, and it's only a matter of days before I head off to Tasmania, but I have packed in some creative time in the studio, and after a full day there today, am feeling a bit blissed out! Both Matt and I had studio/workshop days today - I love it when we're both 'at work' together!! I've worked on several projects - I've felted three scarves with lace
included, which I have then botanically dyed. One was with some lovely dimensional lace which had organza petals, which I think complements the dyeing nicely. I've also been putting together this special piece made of many fabric fragments, including dyed and painted lace, which I hope to be stitching and beading at the next Craft & Quilt Fair. A certain someone is getting a very nice new waistcoat made from this beautiful silk twill fabric, which takes
dye lusciously, and is also the base fabric of previously mentioned special piece.
Then it was back to the felting table, to make three more scarves, this time to remain white as they feature some beautiful beaded lace fragments. I've also hemmed quite a few metres of silk for some new designs which should be finished in time for Tasmania. Some more silk scarves, (extra wide, luscious charmeuse), camisoles, and tank tops arrived today, so after gathering some new
windfall dye materials from the local bushland, I wrapped up as many items would fit in the pot tonight, or was that as many as my hands could handle doing?! I even brought home a lovely rusty tin can to use, and have wrapped some of my new silk/wool blend scarves around it! I've already fully raided Matt's scrap metal bin! I'm really happy with what I've achieved, but must remember to clean up the mess again before I go - there is nothing like returning to a clean workspace.

Much as I would love to sustain the momentum over the weekend, I have no choice - I am off to do a tambour beading workshop with the legendary Karen Torrisi at Koala Conventions!! Whoo hooo!!

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