Monday, 16 February 2015

Desperately Seeking Sequins!

 Fabric Guru's - this is what I seek!! I have a tiny amount of this pearlised gold/white 'disco sequin' (left) in my stash, yet have decided that it is the material that I must have for one of my current WOW creations, therefore now need several metres. And I need it NOW!!! Anyone who has some, or has seen this material around lately, please let me know!
As you know, my recent attempt at an entry for the Architecture section of WOW did go well, then I tried to change it into a more organic feeling piece, shifting to shibori dyed and shaped silk in yellow orange shades.... but to no avail. It just didn't work, but amazingly, the wire framework, with some slight adjustments, now suits one of my current pair of designs, so I am pleased to say that some of these efforts do not go to waste! The silk shibori pieces will for now get packed away, but I'm sure will get used one day - I keep seeing a wild floral headpiece with them, Flora Fascinata style!!
Here is the work-bench from this weekend, covered in moulded leather pieces, beautiful Jacquard Lumiere paints and Pearl Ex powdered pigments, as well as Lindy's Stamp Gang metallic mist sprays - I just love all of these!! In the foreground are my French Flower Making tools, which I sometimes use on my leather, although, after some experimentation, not in this particular piece.
As I have said previously, it is great to be working in leather again, and throughout this process I am learning more about what can be done with it. It's almost time to start riveting all the pieces together!

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  1. Svenja!!! My creative Goddess! My eyes bulged when I saw my name. Thank you - I am HUMBLED!!! You will make an amazing headpiece, that's for sure! I will look out for the sequins. Your shibori piece is a beauty. Xx