Friday, 11 April 2014

Easter Break 2014

Hakaturi in the forest!
A studio shot of Hakaturi, apparently!
I was going to call it Easter Holidays, but seeing as it is only 1 week, I think the word 'break' is far more appropriate! It has been an action packed last week of college, starting with my Photoshop tutorial on Tuesday. Here I played with putting different backgrounds behind shots of Hakaturi taken in my front garden - loving the results!! It's great to have these options!
An underwater version of BioLumina
I also had a play with a pic of BioLumina from WoW, changing her colour and background. No, not really my photo to play with, and I don't intend to publish her more than this, but it's nice to work with images that are meaningful to me. Any issues, and I'll willingly take this down. I've also had a play with this years images, but of course, cannot show...
I believe most of you would already know that both entries this year have been accepted? This weekend I look at how to fit them into the shipping crate.....

Tuesday night turned into a trip down memory lane as I spent the evening at my mothers house with her and my sister. Ostensibly to discuss Maman's wardrobe for her trip to France in a few weeks, it turned into a photo-fest of my late Dad, to a soundrack of old records that my sister and I went mental to, plus a delicious meal, not to mention copious amounts of wine. I do believe Maman and I stayed up until 2am!! Slight fragility on Wednesday was the result, ie. I didn't make it to work!!
Mushrooms and Lichen

Thursday was 'Studio' day, and Janice sprung some eco-dyeing on us, as well as the sampling of a two-piece collar (always good to practice.) This meant a trip around campus, where along with all sorts of fabulous leaves, we found mushrooms and lichen to try. (Can I just say that the lichen was on wood destined for firewood...)
Silk scarves wrapped round reobar found in the TAFE nursery
Wynnum Rd/ Balmoral Cemetery
Bamboo on TAFE campus

Sadly, neither of these did very much, in fact, strawberry leaves were the major hit! It was great fun though, and I loved seeing my fellow students fascinated by the possibilities. It also meant I got to discover a little more of Mount Gravatt TAFE campus, and Janice discovered this lovely patch of bamboo, which I thought would be a fabulous background for a photoshoot. On my walk this morning I found a spot by a very busy Wynnum Road, looking up into the cemetery. Limited, I know, but not bad for down the road!
Also at TAFE is this lovely concrete structure, which I coveted for my WOW shoot this year, but due to weekend access issues, was unable to use.
Mt Gravatt Resevoir
Concrete Structure at TAFE
I also checked out the reservoir at Mt Gravatt, which has lovely textured walls as well as good access and reasonable privacy. Photoshoot opportunities everywhere we look - yaaaay!!
Gold silk and metallic silk organza
Following a visit by Laura Stead-Churchill at TAFE promoting the opening of the renovations at Indooroopilly, who have become involved with the Fashions on the Field at the Brisbane Racecourses, I got a wee bit interested in the idea of entering some of these events. I saw this fabulous book image on a book cover in the library, which was disguising a very boring book on  "An Ethonographic Approach to the Chinese Fashion Industry."
Further inspiration was found this morning in Style magazine with this fabulous shoe by Nicholas Kirkwood.
I believe my current design for 'Studio' could be modified to suit racewear, and I'm thinking about using this fabulous gold silk and metallic silk organza from my studio stash, and modifying some shooz in similar way to the above with some bomaki shibori frills. Be keeping you tuned soon! Happy Bunneh week, all!!


  1. Look at you, you Photoshop pro! I was also thinking the bamboo would be a great backdrop! And I'm still fascinated at my scarf haha!

  2. Thanks Shani! I'm so glad you're fascinated - I'll bring in my eco-dyed dress and some other samples next term - you'll love them!! I just love spreading the love!