Sunday, 16 March 2014

WOW shoot 2014 DONE!

WoW (ha hah!!)! It has been a huge weekend. The week finished on Friday with a mega day of patternmaking, when I finally learnt to grade! This is a little like what my homework looks like! Brain-hurty stuff for an organic, draping kind of gal!!!
Chefs Callum and Jezabel
I quite often get to go home early on a Friday - but oh no, not this one! No, not when I had to finish my garments for my photoshoot the next day! Still sewing at 1pm Saturday afternoon, I finally stopped before packing the last piece into the kombi - it all seemed too neat and easy - what had I forgotten? - ready to head off to the industrial wastelands of Salisbury with my fantastic handler, Jenelle, AKA Bunneh. We were lucky enough to be able to park right on our deserted site and unload the many components of the 2 garment shoot - nothing forgotten! We were well ahead of time, which was fortunate, as I found a few alterations that needed doing - so pleased I packed my hammer and rivets!!
Here is what the studio workbench looked like on departure!

Our fantabulous photographer Chantal arrived, and then both our stomachs went into hyperdrive as our wonderful model Jess arrived. Oh no - this was really happening!! We soon got over that though, and got straight into it. As you know, I can't show you the results of this for many months, so..... All I can say is thank you to my fabulous team of ladies for an amazing afternoon - love your work!!
We headed home, exhausted, but  needing to recharge in time for our celebratory pizza night, which was greatly assisted by Mr Haynes' pizza dough skills - thanks Jeremy! A great night in the courtyard was had, resulting in many full bellies!!
We enjoyed something of a sleep-in, before I sadly had to go to work in the office - I know, but at least it was quiet on a Sunday! I returned home to get ready to head off to Gallery 159 for the opening of Kay Faulkner's weaving exhibition.
Kay Faulkner, giving us the stories behind her creations
The embellishment plan....
 So, it's back to the last few weeks of TAFE for this term, where we are working on our design for our 'Studio' project. 1. I love that I have a subject called 'Studio'. 2. It's SO fantastic that we get to design, present in fashion sketches, pattern-make, dye, and embellish our creation. Squeeeeee! I have made a toile for my design in half scale - feeling blessed to have made it in silk taffeta scraps from Wendy Makin - can't find the calico!
I have chosen some designs that will challenge me - that's why I'm here!

It has to be said that the 1/2 scale designs are very cute - here I am ironing my mini-toile with my mini iron!!
That's all for now - hope you all had a great weekend, and stay tuned for more news!


  1. Svenja, I love this recount!!! I am so excited for you!!! I bet it will look amazing! That pattern making grading LOOKS TecHnICAl!!! My brain is organic, too! :D x

  2. your course sounds great and good luck with WOW

  3. Thank you for doing this blog - this is my dream life.
    I love hearing about your process & seeing the photos! I wonder how many fashion shoot alterations are done with a hammer & rivets :)

  4. Thanks so much for your comments, gals! Yes, TAFE is awesome, and I wish I could show you my WOW entries! I am very happy with them and the photos I am about to send off for my entry this weekend - one for the Avant Garde section, one for the WETA Workshop costume section. Now that is done I can concentrate on my Studio assignment! Christine, I love your first sentence! It is my dream life too, and I am happy to share! ;-)