Sunday, 9 March 2014

Women Afoot

Kym Frame
This weekend got off to a great start on Friday night, when I attended the opening of Kym Frames latest exhibition, Women Afoot at Graydon Gallery, New Farm.
It was certainly a popular event, with the crowds barely able to move through the space, ceding way only to those bearing the absolutely delicious nibbles and drinkies! (You know by the weight when you pick up a finger sandwich how good it will be, and these did not disappoint!)
It was a beautiful exhibition, featuring Kyms' beautiful paper casts of feet, as well as photos documenting the process.

Janet de Boer
As castees ourselves, it was extra meaningful to myself, my sister and my mother to see them, and to hear and see the quotes of all the women involved. I was delighted to catch up with Janet de Boer, who opened the exhibition in great style, of course, wearing her fantastic Pendragon shoes. Congratulations Kym, on a beautiful exhibition and the fundraising for  the Second Chance Programme that it supported.

Saturday was spent entirely in the studio, working on one of the WoW pieces. Great headway was made, much damage to fingers sustained - hit with hammers, pinched in rivets, stretched around layers of leather trying to hold rivets in place, and spray painted. Hence taking it easy today and wearing my wrist brace! I felt comfortable slowing down, even with only one week to go before the photoshoot, due to Saturdays success. I'm quite excited now, and can't wait until I see the results. This year I have let both creations just grow and grow, and I am not looking forward to the next phase - figuring out how to pack them!! Hmmmmmmm......

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