Sunday, 22 December 2013

The magic of ecodyeing

Inspired by the successful completion of 'Jacqueline's Wrap', I decided to try another version - this time with a fine tissue silk extended hem (Jacquelines' suggestion). I firstly made the prefelt, limiting myself to making a piece just the length of the table. From this yardage I cut four sections - three to join together as the body, and the fourth to cut the sleeves from. When I cut the sleeve holes, I didn't want to waste the pre-felt, so used the four semicircular pieces to make a collar. Before attaching the tissue silk, raw edges were hemmed and the join between the two pieces french seamed - ooh la la! (I'm quite happy with raw edges myself, but I have learned over the years that my customers aren't so comfortable with them!) All of the pattern pieces and the tissue silk were handstitched together ready for felting, and the sleeves were filled with plastic to make sure they didn't felt together. Felting went well, and it was off to the dyepot......aaahhhh, slight problem there. Having decided to liberate a lovely chunk of rusted metal from the front yard to wrap the piece around, I found it would not fit any of my pots!! Yes, I did think to check this first, but made a slight error of judgement...
Matt to the rescue with the Big Boiler!!! Here we are setting it up together, bag of onion skins in my hand. The boiler has now taken up permanent residence in our garden. A lovely feature piece...? Well, it's interesting......
It was a successful pot, with some just beautiful blues and greens emerging. Due to my errrr...... interesting 'no-wastage' method of construction (equates with 'I just made it all up') the sleeves were rather widely set, so it was back into the pot, well, just a steamer this time, with some large marbles bound in it.

This not only solved the problem but looks fab, contributing to the lovely frill effect around the neck (fantastic use of those four semicircles!!)
I actually had my sister in mind when I made this, and when she visited today I got her to try it on, and it looked fabulous. She seemed quite taken with it too, so it looks like those two will end up together! So this has now been the story of 'Kiri's Wrap'!
Melted fabric

Life in StudioSvenja has been very busy in the last few weeks, from working on several entries for the World of WearableArt, to communication and preparing paperwork for a proposed series of workshops mid 2014.  Eleven days straight is the current proposal - yikes! What kind of training can I do to prepare for that?!!

I have also been motivated (by a dressing room filled with bags stuffed with scraps of lace, satin and tulle!!) to create a fabulous piece in a effort to shift it, as I simply can't throw it out! There's nothing like a heat gun for a bit of transformation, and I am liking this effect!! The lovely thing too is, that I can make an absolutely excessive, over-the-top piece and it will be a good thing, as it will be using up this fabric!! One of the creative joys of using scrap pieces is you are happy to try almost anything with it!
Due to the time of year there has been quite a bit of socialising of late, with one of my favourites being lunch at the Regatta with my two crazy Matrons of Honour,  Lyn and Sharyn!!
Yes, that too is on the list of projects - I'll fit it in somewhere!! Sometime.....
Wishing you all a lovely festive season - may you be one with your couch with a fine glass of something!

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