Saturday, 7 December 2013

Ice Dyeing

Today was the final ATASDA (Australian Textile and Surface Design Association) meeting for the year, and it was also an opportunity to see the results other participants in the recent ice-dyeing workshop achieved. Sue got some lovely lines from the cake rack the silk was resting on:
Carissa used cotton, and got these lovely vibrant stripes:

 I'm not sure whose piece this was, but it was a beautifully delicate amalgamation of colours, reminiscent of gem formations in rock.
 And these lovely pieces by Jolanta done on a fine wool fabric have similar attributes. I just love the random nature of this technique.

 Dharma Trading Co has a tutorial on this technique on their website Interestingly, they put the ice on first then sprinkle on the powdered dyes, whereas we sprinkled dye first and then packed on the ice. Other variations to try are crushed ice - more like the original snow that this technique came from. Another technique I have just read about involves mixing the dye with the snow first. Others use liquid dyes squirted onto snow-packed fabric....

There were also other items on display from an eco-dyeing workshop - Lyn Baxter's beautifully embellished fabric has become her journal cover - just delicious!
It was, as usual, very nice to catch up with my textile friends, to enjoy show and tell with them, and to pick their brains on techniques! Thanks to the lovely Lili for sharing her notes with me on a technique I am wanting to explore. Wishing you all a peaceful festive season full of colour and texture!

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