Sunday, 7 July 2013

Wedding felt

Well, it was back to the studio this weekend after the Melbz adventures and debauchery. After painting the StudioSvenja logo on the door in shades of iridescent purple (come to the opening to see!) it was time to play with all those lovely scraps of lace from the Wendy Makin sale. I decided to lay out an experimental piece incorporating a few different kinds of lace scraps - some heavily beaded and pearled, some tulle with ribbon, some tulle with embroidery and beading.
I used the Vilte-Felt technique, as I call it, - working in reverse. This entails laying out the lace face down on the bubblewrap, then filling in  the gaps with silk and bamboo fibres or tulle roses and petals. 2 layers of superfine merino were laid out in opposite diagonals across this, then a layer of chiffon silk. It seemed to take a particularly long time this time! It was a reasonably large piece - most of the table - but still.....

I kept a record this time of what I did to it, and it was approximately 2000 rolls in bubblewrap, then some massage through bubblewrap, some light kneading, and another 100 rolls in bubblewrap without the pool noodle after shocking with some fresh hot soapy water.
When it came to throwing, to really make things happen, I had to take care of the beading and sequins, so wrapped the fabric up in a towel before thumping on the table around 50 times.
I was pleasantly surprised that it all pretty much worked. I guess paying attention, extra rolls, and extra perseverance are worth it in the end! I now have a successful experimental piece - either a very large wrap, or yardage for a sample... sounds good to me!! Stay tuned for new SvenjaCouture garments!

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