Sunday, 22 January 2012

Another week, another weekend.

It’s only the fact that you know that Friday will be here before you know it that makes Mondays bearable. The weeks fly by, the only bonus being that the weekends keep rolling around too.
This much anticipated weekend was a full and bountiful one – much good progress was made! And it all started early - a visit from my mother on Thursday afternoon to update her on my progress led to an inspired idea for footwear for the WoW piece – well done, Ja Ja! I have worked on these this weekend with some more shibori pieces being steamed….
Wrapped on the tubes ready for steaming
After steaming, straight off the tubes, not yet unwrapped
She also suggested that instead of altering/adding to the beautiful pink silk outfit I scored as mentioned last post, I simply make a lovely silk boa/collar piece to wear with it, and replace the buttons at the back (some of which are missing) with self covered ones in matching fabric. Perfick!
Friday I took off from work, as I am just SO efficient and SO up to date! What did I do? I decided to spend 5 hours cleaning the house, and in particular, the oven. And we’re not just talking some Spray & Wipe here – we’re talking dismantling the entire thing and soaking it all in liquid caustic (yes, gloves, mask and goggles were on….. and I still managed to get it on me! ) I handed over to Matt at midday, and he completed the job by pulling the door off and cleaning in between the two layers, whilst I headed off for an afternoon of shopping with photophilanthropist. What can I say…. By the end of that, my card got declined!! I showed him my favourite fabric haunts, and he took me to Sunrise Imports, where there is just all kinds of weird and crazy shit by the box-load. I was entranced by some jewellery items which I could easily see being transformed into a WoW piece (not quite sure how) but spent $200 on them anyway!!
It was a laughter filled afternoon – it would seem that both of us are so used to driving on our own in our cars that we get a little bit nutso with a passenger and do some very strange things…. ‘nuff said. The kombi exhibited some classic highway ‘sailing’, (changing lanes all by itself), but I think the highlight of the day was driving through Sunnybank  and watching a young man grooving along wearing earphones, who suddenly stopped to bust out a few amazing moves, then carry on walking. So funny, but so brilliant! Love that that dude was so into his music that he was just grooving in his own world and didn’t care about expressing it. After a little more hairy driving (and by now I was tired, hungry, and my feet hurt) I ended up at Club Lush, from whence we did not move except to collect the gourmet pizzas for dinner. An early night, and up at first light to get stuck into it! The headpiece is done, the corset is made with most bits attached, the skirt is made, the foot pieces were shibori shaped, the overskirt was shibori shaped, the structure is coming together and the tricky musical bit got worked out with a bit of experimentation! Whooot!
Here you can see Matt, thrilled with his new role as WoW Co-Designer.
The shibori shaped skirt, well, there is a mystery. I made the WHOLE skirt, hemmed and gilded it, then cut it in half to do the shaping on buckets. We then brought up a giant steel pot and the massive gas ring from the shed, and set up a back yard steamer under the watchful eye of Mishka, supervising Safety Officer.
Safety Supervisor Mishka

Shibori on buckets in pot

Steaming pot!

After the all clear from him,  all went well, except the fact that I seemed to have ended up with two lefts instead of a left and a right. I could understand this if I had made each piece separately, and I would know that I had stuffed up, but I had a whole skirt here which I cut down the middle to make a left and right so…. how? What? I just can’t work it out!! At this point I decided to deal with it on Sunday.
Sunday dawned and I still can’t make head nor tail of it. Whatevs. I’ll deal with it later. It was an early start as we had to leave by 7am for the East Coast Muscle Car Club BBQ, and amazingly, I didn’t wake up until 6:30am! Ahhhh, Valium……..
It was a beautiful day, and great to be out riding in Murray the International again, but it turned out to be rather windy down at Victoria Pt! Still, it was a nice morning, a great BBQ, meeting new folk and catching up with Matthew & Jnr. He’s at that stage where he stumbles around looking pissed – awesome fun! We also won the raffle!
Picked up some fibreglass rod on the way home, and got stuck into it on our return – the &*^^% have been fibreglassed together and the &$$% has been fibreglassed onto the *#$%$. Yay!! Seeing as Matt mowed the lawn last weekend and he did so much stuff for me this weekend, I then mowed the lawn, which earned me a beer! I then retired upstairs to the airconditioning, a shower and said beer. I then received a call from Tricia Smout,who informed me that she was the lucky recipient of Artist in Residence at Mt Coot-tha this year, and would I be interested in doing a collaborative work?! But of course, dear lady – count me in!! As long as it’s after the WoW deadline!
So here we are, a relaxing Sunday afternoon, some strawberry champagne, and much good work behind us. And I can face tomorrow because I know it won’t be long until I’m back here again.
Ciao, Groovers!!

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