Saturday, 7 January 2012

A 12 week deadline to start 2012

Greetings to all for this new year. I shall share with you my annual 'Christmas Kiss' photo with my beloved - normally a fairly sedate affair (left), but (right).... a new standard has been set!

And what a creative start it has been! I have just spent a very happy day in the studio working on the WoW piece, with things turning out even better than I hoped – yay! It is nice to feel like this, as I have been panicking  a little with the looming deadline. Although I have been very safety conscious throughout this fibreglassing process, it was today that I realised what everyone was warning me about. It’s the SANDING process that gets you! After a few hours of it (mask and glasses on, but no long sleeves) I developed a charming rash on my neck and back from all the dust, so into a cold shower for me, followed by calomine lotion! I looked like a snowman for a while – covered in fine white powder. As is Matt’s linishing belt, entire workshop, and, ooops, his International truck. Hence I am on workshop and car cleaning duty tomorrow afternoon. Yay.
It is such fun to be able to share this journey with others, and to talk design! Matt is my co-designer/engineer for my piece, and is contributing a LOT of engineering thought and work, not to mention the use of his workshop, and his unfailing encouragement every time I start to doubt. 

Last week I had Ms Jenelle in the studio for some felting practice, in readiness for our much anticipated trip to the Grampians at the end of February to make felt jackets, and drink wine and eat cheese for a week! She was hoping to make an ipad cover, but due to the fact that the felt hardly shrank, now has a new sketchbook cover, which I think is fabulous!
Ms Jenelle concentrates on laying out the wool well!

Ms Jenelle proudly shows her work!

I can't help but share a pic of my beloved fur-child, Mishka - investigating a table whilst Aunty Jenelle and I were working in the studio. 
Only 3 legs but so well balanced....

We also picked through wool, fabric and sparkly scraps, selecting what we will need for our projects. I enjoyed throwing some wool in the pot to dye in seascape colours for her, and gaining blue hands in the process! Followed by pink hands when I re-dyed my hair mid-week! Just in time for my trip to the sleep clinic – what a surreal experience! About 20 wires and microphones attached to me, not to mention oxygen-style tubes in my nose – very glamorous! As suspected, there is nothing wrong with the way I sleep, but, it was worth a shot. An interesting life experience, and the nurse taking care of me all night was just so lovely.

Tomorrow will involve limited time in the wet studio on fibreglass, as I have run out of supplies – but will be able to buy more on Monday! But I have plenty of sewing to do, so will not be slacking off! Although the garment underneath the structure for the WoW piece is largely organised and cut out, it does need to be sewn together, and I can work on the headpiece. I really need to get my Bernina fixed again, so need to find the time to trek out to the fabulous Martin the Mechanic at Chermside to fix it. If I don’t do it now, for sure it is going to die right as I am desperately sewing the last pieces together at the end of March!
Hope everyone is having a fabulous start to the year – don’t forget that beauty, glamour and fabulousness (all in an artistic sense) is what matters most! As well as big shooz!!

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