Friday, 16 September 2011

TAFTA Forum in Geelong

Just over a week and I will be off to Melbourne for a week of felting at the Geelong Forum! I am really looking foward to this, as I have never been to a Forum before, and it is a long time since I have done any week-long workshop. I know it's going to be great to be immersed in such a creative environment, and I'm aso looking forward to wandering around and seeing what the other classes are doing! I will be taking a class with Irish felt maker Helen O'Hare, with a special Design Focus element to it. There will also be lots of fun stuff, including an end of week Fashion Parade on the Friday night, and Heathen Bazaar on Saturday, so I will be taking lots of my work down for this.
Boas and scarves

Packing and pricing of works currently in progress - always a big
job! This is why nothing is up on Etsy yet - I thought I'd best wait until this event was over. StudioSvenja should be stocked up in early October after my return from Melbourne. It has to be done by December, as the fabulous girls at ArtWear Publications Embellish Magazine are doing a profile piece on me, and I have listed this blog site and my Etsy shop in it! So, no pressure then......
The other thing looming large on the horizon is my 2012 WOW entry. Due in April next year, I have a good amount of time, but my design this time is pretty complex, and again takes me outside the realm of my textile skills - something I swore I would never do again after BioLumina! I'm not sure whether I have really gone nuts this time and have set myself an impossible task, or whether it's a brilliant idea that I really can do. Well, we'll find out, 'cause I'm going to try any way!

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