Saturday, 17 September 2011

Brazing, pop riveting - awesome times!!!

I have had just the best time today! Dearest darling boi let me loose in HIS workshop, and I had so much fun! To start with, there were some empassioned moments, as I tried so hard to explain what I was actually trying to do, and cursed my inability to draw in 3D. Later, there were moments of understanding, as I finally realised the engineering principles Matt had been trying to explain to me. I'm a visual learner; unfortunately I have to see it to understand it. 3 hours were spent riveting a framework together out of steel strapping, before I understood the design and weight were not going to work. But what the hey, I have learnt new skills and understand more. (I am almost embarrased at how long it took me to understand which way to put the rivet in - I just couldn't get it! Luckily, they are also really easy to drill out.)Then came the second framework in steel plate and wire - and this is where I got to braze! Awesome fire stuff and melting metal!!! Bear with me engineers, I normally just sew and paint. Can I also add that in between supervising me, Matt was overhauling my Dad's old bandsaw, ready for me to cut some steel sheet for the back and shoulder piece. New rubbers, new blade, and wow - thanks for making the stop button work hon - think that will be mighty handy!! To make things even better, it was the hottest day in ages - 31 degrees. Bring it on! Makes my beer feel even more well deserved! I am tired, sore, and oh so happy, and I hope tomorrow I get to play with fibreglass! Thanks for letting me play in your space Matt, errr...... get used to it!!!!


  1. From my sister, before anyone else gets in with it: "Yes, definitely love that protective clothing you're wearing! Not sure there are many labourers doing such work in spaghetti straps and a mini skirt !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hehehehehe!"

  2. Hey, at least I had flat shooz on!!