Friday, 6 January 2017

Pantone take note!

My previous post about forecasting the Colour of the Year was retrospective, and  it appears that I am in fact ahead of Pantone, and that the vibrant purples and oranges of sunsets is the choice for 2017! For starters, here is the new felt diary cover and phone cover, and below that, a few pictures of my piece for Wearable Arts Mandurah in progress.

Shibori bubbles on polyester and highlighted with paint, with tubed pieces in the background

This is what the floor starts to look like when you are in the throes of putting it all together!! With so many bits of embellishment to pin on, I've been running out of pins, and I have a LOT!! I guess that's because I am working on so many pieces at once..... Below is the results of my fabric tidying today, brought on by unstoppable avalanches. After months of just stuffing bits back in, it gets a little out of control. I had a few pleasant surprises along the way, but it was a hard slog!
Below is a little demonstration of how the heat gun can be used to create fabulous bubbling on synthetic fabric. I wanted to make a mask, so had to calculate the shrinkage that would happen. It's all painted now and I am pleased with the results!

Next weekend I embark on another photoshoot with Chantal Brennan Photography for a magazine article. It's always exciting but absolutely terrifying, and I can't wait for it to be done and looking fabulous, as I know it will. Then there's the next few, for the wearable art entries.... better get back to that stitching!!

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