Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Some good news

Kelp - leather, acrylic, gel medium, gilding
Well, there hasn't been a great deal to report on lately. Until NOW!! Today I finally received notification that I have qualified for my Certificate IV TAE, enabling me to be a tutor at TAFE - yahoooooo!! What an epic this has been! Anyone considering doing this, do NOT go through Inspire Education!! I'm still debating whether to write a comprehensive letter of complaint, or just stop wasting time on them.
Continuing the good news theme, I also received notification that my leather neckpiece Kelp is to be included in the Wearable Expressions exhibition in California early 2017.
Last week I completed this headpiece for Bunneh to wear with the felt and silk capelet  to Cirque du Soleil this Saturday, where we are to enjoy the VIP experience as a special birthday treat! WOW! My peacock feather collection looks a little sad now, but I think it was definitely worth it!

I was also inspired to cover my oh-so-handy mushroom stool, integrating it more into our decor with a green devoré velvet cover with my bracket fungi pattern on it - how fitting! Certainly more me than the red and white spots! I so often use this little gem when I'm stitching on a piece when it is on the mannequin.

The 'Office' desk

Here is a shot of the 'office' (oh, let's stop this farce - everywhere in this house is studio space!) where I have been finalising the colour scheme for my WOW entry that I have been working on. It's always an exercise in ... I'm not sure what.... when what you thought you were so certain about, you suddenly doubt, let go of, and trial other options. Happily, with very satisfactory results today. I'm feeling very satisfied with this piece at the moment. Well, here's hoping - last night I booked the flights and hotel in Wellington for the WOW 2017 show, before they become ridiculously expensive and unavailable (hard lesson learned last year)!! I'm hoping to complete three entries this year, which you could view as hedging my bets for making the cut!!

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