Saturday, 15 October 2016

Scattered Arts and a large birthday weekend ....

The lovely Penelope Gilbert Ng and myself
Happily receiving bubbles at Scattered Arts!

This week I had the pleasure of co-judging the Scattered Arts Competition, themed 'Transformation', with the lovely Penelope Gilbert Ng. It was a great experience, and an interesting exchange between painter and sculptural/textile artist! Fortunately no blood was spilled, and we agreed in the end, much to eveyone's relief! I think we bonded over the experience, and Penelope wanted to take a photo of me to do a painting from - I said, "don't bother with a photo, I'll come and sit for you!". Stay tuned!! We were rewarded for our efforts with some lovely bubbles, which will certainly be enjoyed over this celebratory weekend.

Yes, I have a big birthday on Monday, but who wants to celebrate on a Monday, so I started the celebrations on Friday with lunch with my mother and sister, on what would have been my father's 78th birthday. We went to La Vue at Riverside, and had an absolutely fabulous time with the exclusive attentions of Ronaldo! Not only was the service and accompanying repartee fabulous, so too was the view, and wonderfully, the food! I fit right in to the restaurant too, as it was decorated with paintings decorated with Swarovski crystals, also in my colours! Maman also continued the sparkle theme, bringing along sparkly shoe, crown, and heart motifs with which to decorate my place setting!
The lovely Ronaldo!

More 'sparkle-arkle'!! Shoes, crowns and hearts in metallic foil

Princess Svenja had a lovely time, thank you dear Maman and Kit - and Ronaldo! And it's only just begun!! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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