Sunday, 7 August 2016

Eggciting times!

Matt and Ginger
Matt and two chooks!
There have been a few egg-citing things that have happened in the last few weeks - the biggest being the addition of Ginger and Sheena to our family! They are a hoot - I love talking to them - book book book boook!! They have totally ruined what garden we had, and there is poo everywhere, but you know, they are just so gawdjuss! (and they make EGGS!!!! Food of GODSSSS!!!) Of course, Matt, King of the Animals is head Chicken Whisperer - Ginger loves him! Here he is after grabbing the two of them in one go!! Handfuls of chookens!!!
Kelp me!!
The next most fabulous thing was that I submitted all the assessment for my TAE qualification! Oh, thank goodness! I'm free, free, I tells ya! I just hope I don't have to resubmit anything, as my brain has already moved on.... to designs! I have spent the last week at the drawing board (It's a cliché, but yes, really! ) and it has been fabulous! Sadly, there's a lot of work I can't show you (yes, WOW again), but I can show you this wee piece made of leather that has emerged from some of it. Based on kelp (I think we've all seen my

fascination for that) - I can't wait to add colour to it. There's a related piece that I'm working on and I had some interesting times working on the design in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop - it's so true that if you don't use it you lose it, so it's great to throw myself back into it every now and then.

Apart from enjoying the Absolutely Fabulous marathon this weekend (can't wait to see the movie this Friday with mah gals!), we emerged to have a lovely breakfast at Lock n Load this morning, (ohhhh, Haloumi - how I love thee) and on the way home saw the designer markets at Southbank. Due to our tremendous luck, we scored a nearby park, and so I got to browse, and found this lovely silver wing by Coochie Mudlo artist Richard Moon. Happy Svenja. We enjoyed a drink at the Plough Inn, watching the passing parade, with me reminiscing over my time there as a marketeer. Hilariously watched a country mother pull her children protectively towards her as I passed by!!

Watch her, she looks a bit 'arty'!!
 Came home and base painted the leather piece, currently watching more Ab Fab. Tough. Tough weekend.

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