Saturday, 25 June 2016

So long and thanks for all the fish!

You might notice there is a new tab on this page. Up there, top left - Shop StudioSvenja. It has been a long week of data entry to get to this stage, but now that the bulk of my work is in there, it should be easy to add new pieces as they come in. And really, it has been a relatively easy process. So goodbye Etsy, I'm independent now!! No more renewing of listings, no more long-winded entries. Just a permanent extra page on my blog. There is also a Shop Now button on my StudioSvenja faceboook page, which directs to the page here. Easy.
So, after doing the domestics today, I would like to get back to work in the studio, although I might need to rug up a little for that! Brrrr, winter has arrived! I've started work on a headpiece inspired by the gorgeous kanzashi (traditional hair ornaments) of Japan. I did see some there, but alas, they were very precise and traditional, so I'm doing one with that organic, more-is-more  Svenja touch! Not sure if it will end up in my shop or on my head at the races, but I do know it won't be tame! And there may be tiny bells.......

Leggings worn in Japan!
Our TAFE fashion parade, Operose, was on the night that we returned from Japan, and it was great to see the semesters work paraded on the catwalk. Sadly, my selection of Svenja shooz didn't fit my model, but that was not a huge issue.  Unfortunately, I had to make my felt jacket model size, which I am not, so perhaps that too will appear in the shop! So check it out, please let me know of any issues you come across, or of any general feedback.

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