Saturday, 7 May 2016

Mandurah Musings

Finally a little breathing space to catch up on recent happenings. We're currently relaxing in Mandurah, Western Australia, soon to get ready for the Common Threads Showcase. It's a wee reward for us in a way, having finally shipped off the crate to WOW this last Tuesday morning, after an epic weekend of photo shoot, finishing wiring, writing dressing instructions, and packing. As usual, I was SO pleased to see it go - even more pleased to get our house back! We have floorspace and a dining table again! Many thanks go to photographer Chantal Brennan, models Adam Lin (Mr Pole Dance Australia, who made my piece look magic!) and Callum Pettigrew, Best Bunneh Jenelle Schultz,  and of course, the man himself, Matt Pettigrew.
This morning we enjoyed a nice wander around Mandurah and through the special markets and displays here as part of the Stretch Arts Festival. We found these lovely sculptures on the beach - I just loved these dandelions, (by Carol Clitheroe) which swayed beautifully in the breeze, although it was really hard to get a good shot of them.  There was also a beautiful installation of pinch pots along the waters edge at the Performing Arts Centre, inside which we found several of the artists featured in the Common Threads Showcase. Here is Elizabeth Morley in her spectacular display.

It's been a bit of a wet and windy morning, so after our outing we tucked ourselves into a nice warm corner of The Pen Hotel, where we spent the day drinking delicious ginger beer and nomming into an amazing pork platter, whilst I caught up on some fashion homework, and a little planning for the next major WOW piece (which may take more than one year to create - slightly epic!) It's been a lovely relaxing day catching up with people, as well as getting a little good work done too so I don't feel completely guilty! Now time to get ready for the big event tonight!!

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