Monday, 1 February 2016

Back to School 2016

This week I return to TAFE to continue my fashion studies, and I can't wait! My return is made even more exciting by what arrived in StudioSvenja today..... we welcome Bertie the Brother Industrial sewing machine!!
Bertie is the latest whiz bang model, and was installed by the fabulous Barry Goff of Sewmac - he liked him so much I don't think he wanted to leave him!! Bertie is so quiet, you can't even hear that he is running! I am ever grateful to my fabulous Patron of the Arts, Matt!! Thank you so much! I suppose I'd better make you some new shirts, eh?!

I did some creating in the studio on the weekend - not sewing, but in the felting studio. I'm not sure why - it certainly wasn't on my large list of things to do! I guess I just needed to, and the studio drew me in. At the end of last year when I was making lots of felted wraps, I covered the printing table in colourways of wool, silk and fibres, ready to create. I made quite a few then, but haven't for a while, so it was great to just pick up a pile and start laying out! Turns out it was a wrap for me, as I included the last piece of my favourite sari offcut in it. I really caught the bug, and picked up another piece  of silk - some crinkle silk chiffon which had been sewn for a panelled skirt and dyed during the process of Morphology II and didn't get used. Inspiration struck - I could unpick one of the seams in the centre to turn it into a poncho, and finish it by felting a very fine ruffle around it. I was so pleased with the result that this too, became mine! It's unbelievably light, and feels just gorgeous to wear!

Ice dyed rayon

Large nuno felt wrap
Whilst in the felting studio, I began to pack the goodies Jenelle and I are going to need for our fabulous week away in the Grampians - exactly one month away!! Well, we're away for the week, but we're only doing a 2 day workshop - Bunnehs work smarter, not harder!! We'll be felting with Pam Hovel, using wild and wooly locks, raw fleece, and adding bamboo, tencel, flax and silk fibres. Delicious! I've also decided to participate in the market event on the Saturday night of Grampians Texture! It just happens that my travelling kompanyun has special status and is allowed to take two bags - thanks very much, I'll have that!! I will stuff it with as many scarves, silk tops, ice dyed rayon garments, and unique nuno felted wraps as I can fit in that case!
If you are visiting Halls Gap, come and join us for what I'm sure will be a few hours of fun!

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